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Friday, October 11, 2013

Jet Lag didn't make it.

The day following the massacre, he was comforted by the only remaining hen.  He could walk about a little bit and spent the day in a few different places, with his hen snuggled up to him.  He died that night.

I have been torn about posting the picture below because it's so sad.  It's Jet Lag's last day on earth being comforted by the last of his girls.
 photo 920d94db-8a98-4987-9cee-60c68e3e7840_zps3f66a2cf.jpg

The gate was open but the hen chose to remain the entire time with Jet Lag.  He was a wonderful and brave rooster.  I really miss him.

The widow and widower have teamed up.  At first they didn't get along and Ducky Boy was sporty a bill full of hen feathers.  Now they understand they are the flock.  They sleep in the duck house which is more secure and they sleep side by side.
 photo e40b9d8a-7900-47a4-8038-4341f699aea4_zpsbaaae611.jpg

They don't have much in common.  He likes puddles and flying.  She likes pecking about and long leisurely dust baths.  They are learning to compromise.  I guess birds of different feather can flock together.

The moral of the story is; If all hell breaks out, if you can't fly away, then stay on your perch.


Katkrazy23 said...

So sad.

arlene said...

I really miss him. I never wanted a rooster, but he was so nice.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I am so sorry. That happened to us and it was the neighbors dogs. We saved a couple of hens. Sure don't ever forget to shut them in at night since. It is so sad.