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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall on an Eastern Washington farm.

The Mustangs love the sound that my cell phone makes when I press the keys. I was trying to take a quick picture of Echo but he wanted to press his nose up against my cell phone to hear the funny little sounds it makes.


Here's his cute little legs.


He's just a little sweetie. Although I can only touch his nose, he is so eager to come when I ask him to and step up right up to me. I've never been around many horses that eager. His hooves aren't strong like Wildairo's. They keep breaking off. When he arrived here I noticed his hooves had very big chunks missing from them and now I see why. I haven't met very many mustangs, but I have a feeling he might not be a typical Beaty's Butte Mustang because of his hooves, size and hotness. (I'm not just talking about those cute little legs either). lol

I noticed our cat, Andy follows the sun around the house. Here he is taking advantage of some east facing windows in the morning. Oh to be a cat!


Every year the Sugar Maple I planted turns beautiful colors. But not this year. It's a grayish color. Instead the English Oak I planted 12 years ago is looking very pretty. Usually the leaves turn brown and hang on most of the winter.


Not as pretty as some trees for autumn foliage but he's giving it a jolly good try this year.

We sold the calves on Sunday. The first time mother cows cried for a couple of days. The older cows were glad to see them gone because they know they always come back as newborns in the Spring.

Here they are doing some grazing to drown their sorrows.


The cow to the left is the one who was the most upset. They are looking pretty good because, except for Dandylyons (not in the picture) who turns 18 in March, the cows are pretty young. Our old skinny cows have all finally gone to the big open range in the sky. Primrose died last in March just as she turned 20 years old. She died like she lived, guarding her place at the feeder.

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