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Monday, February 9, 2009

Tooth fairy visits the Aubergine Bay Mustang

These little works of art are in fact Echo's baby teeth.


I searched around his corral for them today. Echo thought it great fun and helped me look.

They are so tiny.


Here's the inside part of the tooth. It's kind of hollow like a cap.


The tooth fairy will be leaving Echo some apples tonight.

This is how you look inside a wild horses mouth. You just use the power of the mighty carrot.


Echo is such a small horse (or big pony). I am so looking forward to halter breaking him this spring. I'm planning how to do it so there will be less stress for Echo and me. He really likes and trusts me, so once I get my hands on him I think it will be a breeze. I'm really fond of the little guy. I can't wait to have fun with him. I'm also looking forward to finding out exactly how many hands he is.

Here's his cute little feet.


He's so muddy and has a knot in his mane. It drives me crazy that I can't groom him yet. He was sniffing Bobby through the fence here. He's so impressed when I call Bobby and she comes. He thinks I have magical powers over all animals. Bless his little heart.


He was rubbing his nose on my hand and playing with my jacket. His color is Aubergine Bay. Pronounced O-BER-JEAN. (Eggplant). A very rare and exotic color. Ha ha, I just made that up to see if I could get a new horse color fad started. Really though, Echo's coat is really purple in the sun light, and I think it's awesome



Lea and her Mustangs said...

He is so cute. You will do wonderful with him when spring ever gets here. I think your color is awesome. Pepper is kind of lavender in the summer in the sun.

Linda said...

I love to look at Beautiful's front teeth to see if they're coming in--I'm a little premature--but you never know! Those are GREAT pics of the teeth!! I'm surprised you found them!!

arlene said...

I think Echo and I have become friends. If it wasn't for my health issues I would have pushed the halter training. But this way we have got to like each other on our own terms. I just wish I'd have met him a few decades ago.

I found his back tooth on top of the frozen ground where he likes to stand and the little canine tooth was on top of his grass hay pile. He thought we were looking for dropped baby carrots and he followed me around looking on the ground.