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Monday, June 22, 2009

Foxsun is in the Dog House.

The cows have been let up on the bluff and Foxsun cannot stand it when they head out without him. Given the choice of being with the cattle, his human family or the outlaw mustangs, he chooses the cattle every time. He tried to follow them out and was met by an electrified barbed wire fence. Being resourceful he went looking for an opening in it and his little adventure meant him scrambling around on the bluff like a mountain goat. Wildairo's excitable whinnies alerted me. From the corrals I could hear Wildairo's girlish whinny, Echo's deep Barry White rumble and in the other direction Foxsun's old man's grumble. And boy was he mad!
This is him (smack dap in the middle of the picture) racing around and calling the cows back.

I had no choice but to grab his halter and lead rope and go after him. As I was dashing to get the horse catching gear the rooster, Jet Lag was laying in wait for me behind the burning barrel. For the first time ever he charged me! I was ready for him though and I kicked him square in the chest with my bionic foot and sent his arse flying in to the forsythia bush. "Take that you sumbitch"! lol.
Here's Foxsun watching me climb after him and calling him even worse names than I called that rooster.

There is an electric wire but it's on the other side of the fence because no cow in her right mind would attempt or even want to do what Foxsun wanted to do. After I put his halter on he was screaming at the top of his lungs (right in my ear) for the cows, who were disappearing from view. After he had a good shout he started, in his excitement, rubbing his fly bitten ears on me, knocking me about and almost sending me flying over the edge. I smacked him around a bit and called for back up. Brad was doing the irrigation and had to drop everything to come and rescue us. There was no way I could lead him back down. Here's Brad leading him down.

Foxsun won't be let out as long as the cows are on the bluff. Their next grazing place is the irrigated meadow and so he can be with them then. That's them left of the poplar tree. The mustang's are calling him home.

I had to slide back down on my bum. In the sharp rocks I found chunks of Foxsun's sole. Our place is pretty hard on a horses feet.

Muffin the rescue cat came up to escort me down and to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes.

Oh, did I mention Foxsun is feeling better?


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Had to laugh. That is quite a climb for the old boy. Has the lump gone away? Am so glad Bob was able to get some of that beautiful hay.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

What an adventure! That's quite the climb! Your kitty at the end looks like a wild cat. Very neat picture.

I was thinking of your Foxsun today. Our old Coda and young Scout got loose this morning, so I let Coda be a yard horse for a while. I think he really enjoyed it.

arlene said...

Lea the lump flattened out a bit then returned. It's not growing. I'm glad you like the hay. I hope the next two cuttings don't get rained on.

Andrea I'm glad Coda got to be a yard horse. I've noticed over the years when Foxsun has escaped he never goes far.

Pony Girl said...

Wow, what a hike! I'm impressed by his effort! Too cute he's calling for the cattle. Silly boy! I'm glad he's feeling better! Oh, I thought your kitty at the end was a wild bobcat, too!