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Friday, September 11, 2009

A horse and his dog.

The young vet is figuring out what is ailing Foxsun. We are going to conduct further tests but so far all things are pointing to our boys kidneys failing. It makes sense now; his weight loss, edema, his not wanting to eat high protein feed. We're hoping it's something with his kidneys that can be fixed such as a walled off abscess interfering with his kidney function. A titer for pigeon fever antibodies was negative.

Foxsun has been doing well all week. He's alert and very happy. He still has the run of the place and he's back to exploring all over. Bobby sticks to him like glue and its very comical. He walks about with her head buried in his tail and she flops down, sometimes under him when he nods off.

This was taken through the back door. The white thing behind Fox is one of my mixing bowls with grain in it. I leave little bowls all over trying to get him to eat.


You can see Foxsun's edema on his under carriage.


I don't like the way she's licking her chops. lol.

Tommy Two Tone meets Foxsun.

Busted tasting the ornamental grasses and trying to look innocent.

I was trying to get the bottom of a chair clean where the pets had rubbed up against it when they come into the house. I had a brilliant idea and so William and I took it through the French doors outside and I blasted the skirt with the hose and it dried looking brand new. Foxsun likes to be in on all the action now.

Foxsun wears this little blanket on these cooler evenings.

He's careful not to rub it off on anything. He sleeps over by the farm buildings on these cooler nights but here he is bright and early one morning outside our house still wearing his jim jams.

I'm going to buy him a proper horse coat this weekend for the colder weather.


Linda said...

How funny--I can't believe he keeps it on! Kidneys? Interesting, but hmmm... I don't really see the edema.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Love the pictures, they're adorable.

Linda, I can see the edema best in the picture of Tommy Two Tone, in between Fox's front legs.

Arlene, I am so sorry you're going through this. My sister's horse has kidney failure but not near as progressed. His diet is very restricted and they said he can't have any medications or electrolytes, so we'd better hope he never gets sick.

Foxsun looks pretty bright and happy. I'm glad to see that.

Kara said...

Foxsun had beautiful big eyes. He does look interested in life yet, despite his condition.