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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Walking with Wildairo.

I was feeling very down yesterday afternoon. The best thing to cheer me up has always been horses. The sun had set behind the bluff and so it was a bit dark. Wildairo was out hanging about and I asked him if he wanted to go for a stroll.

He's pretty nervous of getting too far from the corrals but he tagged along for awhile.

When we got too far for his comfort he got a bit nervous.

He tried to turn me towards home.

I wouldn't turn because I'm a human and not some stupid little filly he can boss about.

So he ran away. Towards the safety of home.

But he couldn't help himself he had to keep coming back.

We found an old piece of ancient farm equipment and I gave it a good kick.

After awhile we walked too far and Wildairo galloped for home. I could hear his thundering hoof beats fade into the distance. By then I was all cheered up and as happy as a lark.

But then I got even happier!

I went to say hello to Echo. I opened his gate and he trotted out down the alley..into the little pen, and stood in the 'willing horse' position. I thought 'what the heck' and closed the wing gate on him to trap him. I had to push him over a bit with the gate and he didn't freak at all. I locked the gate closed! I had him all trapped by myself and it's what he wanted. Wow, the little guy is helping dopey me train him. He knows he's too scared in the big corral and can't control himself. He knows he feels secure in the squeeze chute! I put his lead rope on. Touched him all over. I twirled the lead rope getting closer to him but not touching him. He was really calm. Brad came along so I had him mess about with him as much as possible. Then I opened the gate and stood with Echo in the little pen. I threw the lead rope up and he stood calm. I had Brad keep walking away and towards him. Echo watched him like a hawk but controlled himself because he was in the little pen and felt safe.

So I guess we'll keep working Echo slowly in the little pen. I forgot how slow you have to go with Echo.

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Kara said...

That's really good to hear! I love that Wildairo thinks you are his herdmate and will follow you around. That bodes very well for when you get to where you ride him out!

I'm glad that you are not too discouraged by Echo. Like you said, you have to go slow with him...and think of ways to step by step work through what is bothering him, rather than fixing a behavior in one big step...sometimes you can do that, but not always, and you have to outsmart the horse!

I'm so glad that these two horses are here for you right now. I know they can't replace Foxsun, but they sure can provide some entertainment while you heal.