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Monday, October 5, 2009

Dandylyons saved the day.

Sunday it was very windy here which made the dust blow. Leaves and small branches blew off the trees and made a mess.

Here's Dandylyons all by herself.

As I took the above picture, Tommy Two Tone ran outside and started chasing leaves and things as they blew across the lawn.

He was very difficult to catch. Soon as I'd bend down to pick him up he'd scoot off. Bobby had to help me catch him by working him towards me through the shrubbery.

We had to bring the cattle in because the calves were to be sold on Monday.

I rode herd in the jeep. A steer made a break for it and I headed him off but as I spun the jeep around the blowing dirt came in one window and out the other. The jeep was just full of dirty dirt. Dandylyons started to wander towards the horse pasture and I think she was looking for Foxsun. I drove up to her and pointed towards the corrals and told her, "Go on Dandylyons" and she turned and went into the corrals. The herd, who had been stampeding around in every direction in the dust storm, followed her. Thank goodness for Dandylyons.

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