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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dandylyons's search.

Monday the cattle were sorted and the calves sold. In the ruckus Dandylyons, uncharacteristically made a break for it. Brad let her go. I knew who she was looking for and it was heart wrenching. She doesn't understand. She went to all his favorite places.


She thought she wait here at the bottom of the bluff.

Bobby thought she'd wait as well because she doesn't understand either.

Dandylyons didn't like the idea of hanging out with a dog and let Bobby know.

Bobby thought it could be a good game but Dandylyons wasn't in the mood to play.

Although I raised Dandylyons from birth, she doesn't eat treats but loves back rubs. I gave her some water and a back rub.

Brad took our picture under Foxsun's apple tree. I love Dandylyons and she knows it.

On a brighter note; we kept this lovely heifer calf called Sparkle.

And Wildairo is a handsome devil!

But the big news is Echo has decided to turn in his WILD HORSE CARD!


Kara said...

Oooo! I need to hear more!!!

Linda said...

Wow. He's gone domestic?

Dandelyons sure is sweet, btw--and Wildairo really is handsome!

Cheryl Ann said...

Cute story! Dandelyons sure is beautiful!

JackieB said...

You certainly have a lovely herd of critters, especially Wildairo.

What breed(s)is Dandelyons? I love that she has horns! Polled cattle just look funny.

arlene said...

Dandylyons is mostly Charolais. It's a French breed. We had to saw her horns off a bit because they were growing into her head. Some of our cows have horns that stick right up and others are polled. Dandylyons's sister had a horn that would have grown into her eye if we hadn't of cut it horrible that would have been!