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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Echo gets a new girlfriend.

Sunday was Brad's birthday and his mother, Claudine, his sister Jadine, bro-in-law Dan and their dog children, Molly and Daisy, came over for a visit. Tommy Two Tone was kind enough to entertain Molly and Daisy by letting them chase him around the house. T2T can really run fast. Really fast.

Molly entertained us by showing how clever she was at helping herself to pizza from the kitchen counter. Keep in mind our house is animal other words, there's nothing a dog or cat can do that hasn't been done before here. Our dogs, Bobby and Montie, took their guests for a spot of rabbit chasing. They even flushed out and gave chase to a Jack rabbit. It's only the second one I have seen in 25 years. There use to be thousands of them around here. So a fun time was had by all the pets.

I was pleased that Echo and Wildairo didn't go berserk like they normally do when they see people. It was Bran Muffin Sunday, so Wildairo got his Muffin. When I opened the gate for him to go out and play he wanted to stick around hoping to get another muffin.

Echo was a bit of a flirt. It turns out he really likes girls. I'm guessing that all the BLM people that worked him over were males. Echo was a bit shy at first.

Really shy.

My camera battery's went dead here. But Brad took this picture with his cell phone.

What Echo really wanted was a kiss and he got many. Photobucket

He really likes girls because they smell nice, have soft voices and their hair comes in entertaining colors and styles.

Echo didn't seem to mind new people at all. Wildairo did very well too. (Brad told me when he was moving hay about he was wearing chaps like the farrier wears and Wildairo went nuts).

Monday I had a really successful day with the horses. Wildairo kept showing up with big weeds in his mane. He must have found a weedy spot to roll in. I had to hold his halter to untangle them and he leaped up the first time. Both front feet off the ground. I never let go and gave his halter a jerk and yelled "NO". He looked at me and calmed right down. It was like he said, (Cockney accent here) "Alright then. 'ow about a quick kiss"? He's such a big dope with me. He'll have an all out fight with the farrier but will let little short me boss him about.

Echo really has turned the corner. Wow! When I can get my lips unglued from his face long enough we really make progress. He wasn't letting me anywhere near his left side before. Monday I stopped that nonsense. Every time I tried to go to his left side he'd turn away to protect it, because every one knows that's the yummy side of the I just held his nose and wouldn't let him turn. It's easy now he's no longer the explosive Echo. I can stand by both sides now and touch his back! I can only reach so far back though because the latest little Echo rule is that I have to have one hand on his halter. I can't use a rope. Hand only on halter while touching his back. Oh, and only one hand at a time can touch his back. Also he has a rule that prohibits me from touching his freeze brand. I'll let him keep those rules in place a few days then I'll pop a apple chunk in his mouth and send those rules off to the same place his wild horse card went.


Linda said...

Wow--what a loverBoy. Who woulda thought?!? Maybe he was always just a sensitive guy.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Wow! He really is coming along. I think he's the luckiest horse in the world to have found you. Your patience and love are really paying off.