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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Horse Shouter.

Monday I had a bit of a step back with Echo, but it turned out more than OK.

I didn't work with him for two days because it was so cold and when I walked into his corral on Monday the old Echo was back. I saw that wild look in his eyes right away and I think the high headed snorting may have given it away as well. I reached for him and as soon as my hand touched one of his whiskers, which were on high alert, he bolted. I was mad! Very mad. I decided I'd had enough of it and was going to put a stop to his shenanigans once and for all. So I did.

It took a lot shouting, but it wasn't random shouting because I had a cunning plan. I kept approaching him. (Keep in mind it's dark and the corral is full of thick dust that he's kicking up). Soon as he started to turn his head, I said, "No". Then he turned his full body sideways to me, I yelled, "NO"! When I was faced with his tail end... I attacked. I was stoked. I was mad. I was pissed off. I threw my arms both up and went' PSST' really loud. He'd take off around the corral. And so we continued for awhile. Every time he spun to face me I'd approach again, he'd start to turn away and I'd tell him "no" and reach for him, then he'd turn sideways and I would yell very loud, "NO", then he'd show me his bum and I'd go after him with a loud "PSST". In the dark and dust it was hard to tell how close I was to him and I'm glad he's not a kicker because I was in the danger zone more than once. Well, this went on for awhile till he got pretty scared and ended up begging to be kissy friends again. I knew he was mine when he lowered his head and covered me with warm horse breath when I approached. I didn't touch his halter but gave him a little kiss on his eyelid and walked away. When I was sure he wasn't going to bolt I took his halter and moved him about. I let him go and repeated it a few times. If he started to look away I told him 'no' and he face me and let me touch him. I was every so pleased and boy was it exciting.

When I went in his corral Tuesday he leaped away and I threw my arms up and went 'PSST" really loud. To my amazement he turned around quick and came to me. WOW! I didn't quiet expect him to learn that quick. He's awesome.

Today, Wednesday, I walked into the corral and went right up to him. I had Brad approach him in the corral and he stood still because he knows the meaning of 'no' now. He let Brad touch him and after awhile wanted to interact with Brad by fiddling with his jacket.

I can touch his right side but he's very nervous about his left side. I ran my hand down his right leg to his hoof. He was pretty scared but he stood there. I didn't even try his left leg because he's still a bit touchy on the left side of his face. He's a lovely horse. Very intelligent and sweet. Sometimes you just have to forget about whispering and shout at them I guess.


Kara said...

That's awesome, Arlene!!! I think you figured your horse out!! I kinda did the same thing with Kachina (push her away a little harder when she wants to leave me) and she's now very very good about approaching me when I enter her pen. She faces right up. I like your method. It was innovative and entertaining! I wish you had video!

Linda said...

Sometimes you've just gotta go from your gut--why not?!? I've probably told you the story about me kicking Cowboy when he threatened to kick me--he never did it again. They've got to know they're dealing with flesh and blood people. We have instincts, too.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Good for you. Sometimes things work that you don't expect it to.

chook said...

nice blackadder reference, btw.