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Monday, September 7, 2009

Pictures by Brad.

Brad has become pretty handy with his cell phone camera and has been snapping things that he thinks are interesting or amusing.

Remember the young cow that had twins this Spring? Well she has done a pretty good good job of raising them.

I thought I was going to have to raise the little red heifer myself but she doesn't let her brother get all the milk.

Brad thought Muffin looked pretty funny on my jeep. So he took her picture.

Then he spotted something else he thought was funny. He took these from our bedroom window. That blob is me in my little pool with Foxsun and Bobby. The black thing behind Bobby is Foxsun's little grain bowl. I had put some of his senior ration in it was hanging over the pool encouraging him as he ate some. It was the first time he would eat any of it for ages, so I was very happy. Here he is washing it down with some pool water.

Foxsun likes to watch me swim about and do my leg exercises. Bobby likes to wear him as a hat.

She walks or stands behind him with her head between his hocks. Calves do that as well so it must be very relaxing or something.

The night time temperatures have gone as low as 38 F so that pool water is pretty cold to swim in now. I'd call it brisk and a bit nippy. But I do enjoy doing my leg exercises in it. I bought it when recovering from my ankle replacement surgery last year. I was barely weight baring but couldn't stand on that one leg alone, so making it up the ladder was a bit of an adventure. The first time in William helped me roll in over the side, which was pretty funny. It reminded me of trying to get a beached dolphin back out to sea. Trouble was once in rolling back out wasn't so easy and I hit my recovering foot/ankle wrong and it ended up bruised and swollen again.

Foxsun thinks my pool is a big geriatric horse drinking trough with a big comfy padded rim. Sorry Fox but we have to drain it soon so it doesn't freeze.

We had some results back from Foxsun's lab work. So far the only thing off is his kidney enzymes, which are elevated. The vet said it might because his kidneys are not concentrating urine or he's not drinking enough water. I believe he's not drinking enough water. Before he became a pool drinker I was very disappointed at the amount of water he drank. Also he's not peeing all that often. The vet wanted a urine sample if we could get one... easier said than done.

For a few days Foxsun was slowly eating his grain again and thing's looked up. Then he stopped eating it again today. Well he only ate about a cup full all day actually. A few days ago I picked him handfuls of grass (even though he could graze there himself) and he ate it all but the next day he wouldn't touch it. He just wanders around eating the dried weeds. I guess food is going through him because he poops a lot. He's not gaining any weight and I'm afraid he is not going to survive the cold weather because he has zero body fat. The other evening we went to check on him and when I called him he trotted up the road to us! Rather than isolate him in the horse pasture we opened the overhead door on the middle bay of the shop so he can get out of the weather if he wants. He likes to stand in there and sleep.

Right now he's on large doses of antibiotics. Some days it looks like he's on the mend because he eats and trots about and other days he just nibbles at his grain and barely moves all day. I must add though that I do check on him at night and that's when he's much more active. Hopefully Tuesday we can get some more answers from the vet.


Anonymous said...

Haha! I think Muffin looks pretty too, probably would have taken the picture as well. :)

Linda said...

Cute pics! It is getting cold at night. We bought a hot tub this year so that we can sit out when it's snowing and watch the horses in the pasture.

Hope Foxsun starts to put on some weight for the cold.