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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Walking with William.

It was such a lovely evening that William and I went for a walk on the bluff. Foxsun was following us about, but as we started our uphill climb of the north face Foxsun decided he'd stay behind. Later I found out it was not only due to lack of energy but also he wanted to find out if my flowers tasted as good as they looked.

Soon things got interesting and I discovered a new species (to me). William who's about to start his third year of University and is incredibly bright, informed me it was the Queen Ant.

William is an history major by the Anyway for one glorious moment I imagined we had the Queen of all the Ants living on our bluff.


I have to take pictures of Williams back....

..... because when he sees the camera he does things like this....

and other things that cannot be put here.

It was a lovely walk.

I showed him 'badger alley' where all the badgers do their best digging. I was going to give him a demonstration of my badger fighting skills using my walking sticks (complete with compasses in the handles). I asked him if he knew what to do in case of a badger attack (badgers are vicious) and he answered, "Stop, drop and roll"?

When we got some distance from our house we went to the edge of the bluff to take in the view. We could make out the dark shape of Foxsun near the backdoor. I noted that from where we were at it looked almost like Foxsun had his head buried in my flower bed. lol.

I was walking pretty good because I was drugged up to my eye balls. So I started to show off by walking fast. William told me I ought to slow down and added, "You're like a Russian rocket ship, the faster you go, the faster you fall apart". I'm going to miss him so much!


Linda said...

What do you do when you see a badger? I'm thinking it's not stop, drop and roll. :)

I feel bad for you having to live away from William--I understand missing sons.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I'm curious about the badger thing too.

Great pictures! William sounds like a fun guy to have around.

arlene said...

Badgers will attack if they feel cornered so if you come across one you should back away. I've been chased twice by badgers and came across one in a wheat field that stood his ground while making angry sounds... I backed away. They eat rabbits and gophers and are handy to have around.

Only one more day left and William will be gone for along time. At least I'll spend more time working with the horses and doing useful things.... I hope.