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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blondie's big adventure.

I'm a rebel and a nonconformist to the bone and so I decided to stop taking my meds and go head to head alone, ( mano a mano) with my disease. To fight it I did exercise..with no pain meds and well like many of my many brilliant ideas it didn't go as planned. To put a long story short..I'm back on my meds. I'm not well but I can function again...sort of lol.

My oldest son who is in the air force is going to S Korea this month for a year and his wife and Amelia are going to England. We got their little doggie!!! I've never had a little dog before and was concerned she wouldn't fit in with our Airedales. Keegan bought her all the way from Oklahoma in a little container.

Here is Amelia kissing Blondie goodbye.

Blondie in her dog shipping container.

Blondie meets the Airedales.

Blondie is well impressed by the way Tommy Two Tone can sit on the arm of my chair. They have become good friends, playing and sitting on laps together.

Blondie fit right in and I thought everything was swell, fine and dandy, A okay, sunshine and lolly pops...but behind those big innocent looking eyes was lurking a dark side. Blondie turned out to be A CHICKEN CHASER!!!!!!

I had Blondie with me as I was letting the chickens out for their afternoon run and peck about. Soon as the first chicken ran out Blondie was on it like a Hobo on a ham sandwich. All hell broke lose. The chickens' primitive brains took over and they thought they could fly like they could a million years ago. Some of them tried to fly into the crab apple trees and there was a great deal of crashing about and squawking. Blondie singled one bird out and the chase was on. I've always thought that Blondie looked like a cross between a Chihuahua and a Coyote...well the coyote part took over right then.

I stood helpless as Blondie and the bird ran circuits around the poplar tree and hen house. I was very pleased to see Bobby step in and try to stop Blondie but my yells made her decided she better keep out if this one. Then Jet Lag, our rooster joined in the chase. He was a real hero and tried his best to attack Blondie from the rear to make her stop. I watched on in horror as that poor chicken ran with her little drumsticks pumping like pistons with that little monster bearing down on her. I knew it was just a matter of time before the hen got tangled in some weeds, got wore down or had to stop to lay an egg or something. I had to act, so as the pair was on the their third circuit I threw the grain scoop I was holding between Blondie's pointy nose and the hen. That brought Blondie to her senses and she ran back to the house with the dreaded words, "Bad Dog" ringing in her ears.

To make sure she never did that again I put her in the door way of the hen house. All the chickens were in there squawking to each other about how rough life can be and Jet Lag did his war dance right behind Blondie, who stood looking at me shaking. Every now and again, for good measure, Jet Lag hit Blondie upside the head with one of his wings. Yeah, she got the fear of rooster put in her all right.

This is her right after she got back in the house..totally reformed and hiding in her cat bed.

The funny thing is that Blondie cannot ran as fast a chicken!!!! lol.


Kara said...

LOL! Great story! My big dog, Sage, thinks it'd be great to eat a chicken, but I got after him for it and made sure he knows it's not okay. There's only one chicken he is allowed to "stalk", and that is our mean rooster. If I don't have my dogs with me, that rooster will attack me with a vengence when I go in the coop! But is Sage is there with me (Sage always makes sure he is by my side in the coop), that rooster minds his manners because Sage is pointed on him, focused, ready to pounce on him if he makes a move at us. It's great entertainment. Sage will go afterhim when he attacks, but the worst he's done is pull feathers out because I always call him off. He leaves the hens alone. He knows they are innocent and off limits. But that rooster...he better watch out!

Kara said...

Someday I should get video of Sage "working" the rooster.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Oh Arlene, that is funny. I laughed till my stomach hurt. Glad to have you back. Take your meds girl.

Unknown said...

It has been dad's dream to finally have a small dog. It's like an outdoors cat to him. lols

arlene said...

I'd love to see a video of Sage and the rooster!