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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blissful afternoon.

Today after I checked a new calf, I gave Echo an apple and spent a few moments with him like I do everyday. I saw Dandylyons close in and so I called her over. I have been worried that I may have put her in an abusive relationship with Wildairo. She came over to Echo's gate and right behind her was Wildairo. When he came near her I saw the worried look in her eyes but she was getting her head and ears rubbed by me so she held her ground. Wildairo just sniffed her and then wanted me to pet him as well. And so once again I found myself petting a cow and a horse and it was alright. Wildairo was in heaven and gave one of his little sighs with his eyes half closed. Dandylyons moved in closer like she does when she thinks she's not getting enough attention. It was blissful and even more so when Echo came up and gave me a wonderful back rub with his nose.

What a happy little group we were. I have noticed that since Wildairo got a friend he no longer bites and kicks the gate for attention. Yesterday Dandylyons wandered off while he was visiting with Echo and it was so lovely because when he noticed she was gone he called to her in his high pitched filly voice. He went out, found her and brought her back. Brad said he is real good at herding her and wonders if he might make a good cow horse. I think he already is! Dandylyons has been taking him grazing beyond his old comfort range. She's as steady as a rock, never spooks or acts silly and so she's a good friend for a young mustang to have.

This is how I left them. Echo is slurping loudly on an apple and Wildairo is watching Blondie chase her very first rabbit.



Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

That looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Linda said...

That is the funniest story--you sooooo need to write a children's book about that cow!!!! There are two books waiting to get out right now!!!! And her name--PeRFECT!!!! Write it!!

arlene said...

Linda that's a good idea for me to write about Dandylyons adventures over the years. Thanks for the encouragement. She is a special cow alright. :)