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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Arlene's mustang adoption pick.

There are some very nice horses at the BLM's on line adoption with nobody bidding on them.
Let me present this lovely lady;

She is tag # 5616. Hails from the wild and wide open state of Nevada. She comes in a beautiful shade of sophisticated dark bay, has a kind intelligent face. Stands at a perfect 14.2 hands and is stout enough to carry even the most well fed among us. She is only three years so with some good grub she should grow a little more by next year. For a mere $125 you could have the experience of turning this wild frightened Mustang into your best friend.

Here she is strutting her stuff;

She has a lovely figure and knows it;

Right now her hobbies are avoiding humans and staying alive, but with time, love, empathy and 3.5 tons of apples, she would bond with you and change your life for the better. This month I have been a horse owner for 40 years, but never fully appreciated them until I tamed Wildairo and Echo.

Wildairo was aggressive to humans yet understood what I was trying to do and opened his heart to me. I trained him while I was recovering from total ankle replacement and gentled him pretty much while standing on one leg. Before I adopted the mustangs I'd only been around tame domestic horses.

Echo was the kind of horse that could have been given up on due to his absolute terror of all things human. He now is the most loving and gentle horse I have ever met.

The key to taming a wild horse is making them trust and like you before asking them to do too much. Professional horse trainers have to do things a bit different because they can't waste time training horse to eat carrots and to give kisses, but for the rest of us, this is a hobby to be enjoyed.

To go the on-line adoption by clicking here.

Go here if your browser won't take you directly to the BLM on-line adoption site by the link above.

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Kara said...

Thanks Arlene! After seeing your post, I had to go and look at every horse from Beaty's Butte (I'm fond of Beaty's Butte horses), and pick out MY favorite one. And hence, I didn't get any studying done last night!