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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Echo is glad to see William again.

Echo has always liked William.

Echo is a very affectionate horse and loves cuddles and kisses. I can touch him all over but he's being stubborn about letting me pick up his hooves. He's learned all he has to do is put weight on the hoof I'm struggling to lift and I can't budge it. If Echo ever did anything the easy way I think I'd be a bit disappointed. I took off his break away halter because it was fraying so bad it looked like it was going to break by the nose band and I didn't want it dangling around his neck if it did.

I saw William on the BBC live!
A week or so before leaving England, William spent a few nights in a youth hostel in London. The day he got there I was watching the BBC live internet coverage of the change of government over in the UK. I was the new coalition government get ready to form their new government and watched as the new Prime minister drove to his new residence at 10 Downing Street for the first time.

Anyway, I was enjoying the live BBC feed when I got a call from William in London telling me he was there at Downing Street and had just saw the new Prime Minister drive past. I found that very funny that William was right there on the ground watching the same thing as me 5000 + miles away. After a little while the new Prime Minister left Downing Street to go to the Houses of Parliament, driving right past William whom I saw on the

William was finding his way alone all over London and I think that's pretty good for a farm boy raised in the middle of nowhere. He also voted in the elections there and is proud of the fact he voted in to General Elections to two different countries within 18 months.

BTW, William was also shown on the BBC watching a football (soccer) game. I never saw that live, lol, but he did get a picture of it.


Linda said...

How long is William going to be home? That is a very sweet picture of him and Echo. William looks healthy and happy/content--a very handsome young man there, Arlene.

arlene said...

William goes back Sept 20th. I'm enjoying him being home so much.