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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The return of the plant trimmer.

The first thing I saw this morning when I opened my eyes was a deer munching on my little plants in my native (wild) plant area. When I got downstairs she was checking out the shade plant area that I am developing. A few days ago I planted some ferns in there and I was wondering what else would look good and woodsie and she was like, 'how about a deer'? (Picture taken through window).

She looks like a yearling and is a bit scruffy. She saw Muffin and followed Muff through the flower beds. I went outside to get a better shot of her and she ran away....for some reason.

We often have deer in the garden but they usually show up in a herd.

Wildairo likes to stand on this hill to keep an eye on the corrals and the cattle in the other direction.

Wildairo still hasn't ventured far from the corrals. When the cattle go out into the sagebrush he tries to find Dandylyons to bring her back to keep him company. She has become very clever at sneaking off.

The other evening when Brad and I were at the corrals we could hear Wildairo whinnying off in the distance. It was his 'where's my comfort cow' whinny. Then we saw the whole herd coming running towards us with Wildairo behind them. The cows hate to run but the calves were having a great deal of fun. Once the cows stopped Wildairo went through them looking for Dandylyons. When he couldn't find her he became very cross and did a fast angry gallop back out into the sagebrush looking for her. The funny thing was as he raced off a little white calf stayed right with him and it was extremely comical to see. The calves think he's really cool and much more fun then their mothers.

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Kara said...

I LOVE that picture of Wildairo standing watch on the hill! So cool! Such a noble horse, watching over his cow herd like that.