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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free at last....well sort of.

Yesterday was a special day for Echo. I opened the gate and let him explore Foxsun's old home pasture.

He walks out of the open gate and just has a snack.

I walk off and he joins me.

And off we go exploring.

He trotted up the hill to get a good look about.

He respected the fence.

I called him, "". He quickly came for a apple snack.

I think he was impressed with the set up old Foxsun had..nice views all over..even a feeder for extra shade and shelter. I think he finally realized why Foxsun didn't run away when he had the chance.

He followed me back to the barn.

I was amazed at how calm he was. I have never turned a horse out on pasture for the first time who acted like him. He stops and looks at things and then moves on. He realized there are a lot of big rocks in the sagebrush and he could get hurt if he tripped on one. I had a horse once that had no common sense and he would gallop through the rocky sagebrush and I saw him go arse over tea kettle several times.

I felt really bad leaving him alone but I had to go home to rest. I cannot tolerate the sun or heat (sarcoidosis) and it was 80 degrees. I returned several times to make sure he was okay and each time he came to see and follow me. One day Wildairo will be with him.


CHHorsemanship said...

He looks like he's loving his new place. What's up with Wilairo anyway, we havn't got an undate on him in a while?

Linda said...

Beautiful was the exact same way when I first released her. Maybe it's because they're from a rocky, dry area.