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Monday, May 2, 2011

Still nippy.

Rain and hail today and still no blossoms on the trees. I notice the cooler temps haven't slowed down the lawn dandelions at all. Speaking of Dandelions, my dear cow Dandylyons turned 20 two months ago and she still looks fabulous. Her boss, Wildairo has gone almost feral again. He's nervous about coming to the fence to take a treat from me now. His mane had a big knot in it and he must have been having a scratch and pulled that part of his mane out and and down to almost the top of his leg .... giving him a real nice wild horse look. I'm dreading having to work him again. He's a big lad and is not afraid to fight.

I only had to clip one Airedale this Spring because old Montie died last month. She was 13. She had a heart attack and past away in a patch of sunshine in the kitchen a little while later. Not a bad way to go after one hell of a fun filled life. Montie was a prize from Brad for attending a dinner with Hillary Clinton in Seattle. Don't get me wrong, I think Hillary is great but I don't like going to events like that, so after the dinner we went to Tacoma and picked out Montie. She was with her seven brothers and sisters and both her parents in the breeders back yard, in the rain.... covered in mud. Ten excited Airedale's jumping around and me in my 'going to meet the first lady clothes' lol.

Bobby made a big fuss at Montie's funeral and will not be allowed to attend another one. Montie's hearse was a black wheelbarrow and Bobby guarded her body as she 'laid in state' from all things real or imagined, while Brad has his lunch. Remember she also stayed at Foxsun's side during his last days and came unglued when he went down and had to be shut in the basement. Letting her attend the actual burying part was a big mistake and she's lucky not to have ended up in the same grave with Montie. Bobby is very high strung, intelligent and when she's not driving me up the wall, she is also very amusing. She's really a wonderful doggie pal but she has joint problems now and has a hard time getting about sometimes.

Here she is guarding her old friend;

Henrietta, who's blind in one eye, likes to come in the kitchen for a peck about. I toss down bread for her. She wasn't keen on the lettuce...

...neither was Tommy Two Tone.

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