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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

William's great adventure.

William has graduated from the University Of Huddersfield in Yorkshire, England, with honours (Brit spelling) in History. His landlords kindly gave him a ride to the train station and he headed south to Bedford to stay a few days with my parents and visit his Uncle Joe and Auntie Ray. His older brother, Keegan picked him up to stay with him and his wife Nicky and cute little Amelia for a few days and then William continued his adventures by flying to Edinburgh, Scotland.

He having a wonderful time sight seeing around in Edinburgh. He keeps me updated by calling me from his cell phone and I use Google Earth to see where he's at. It's a bit of a hoot.

He'll be back in England tomorrow to stay with Keegan, Nicky and Amelia, before heading off on his next adventure.

Here's William and his niece Amelia playing the other day.

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