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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random and rambling.

We have a dump on our farm that hasn't had anything dumped into it for decades. There are a lot of old cars and trucks dumped there and even though it's not visible from the house or road, I've always hated it. For many years we have said we would get rid of it, but have never got around to it because it's such a huge undertaking. Last week Brad and William pulled down off the bluff 11 old cars, called hulks. There's still some very old trucks up there that are maybe 50 or 60 years old.

Brad squashed them as flat as he could and then they hauled them to the scrape-yard on a truck and a trailer. I thought we'd have to pay someone to take them off our hands, but the scrape yard pays for this old metal rubbish and these cars are very heavy like tanks! Before you can take them to the scrap-yard you have to have a policeman sign off on them. So we had the sheriff's deputy poking about the place. lol.. they'll never take me alive.

Teddy was part of the action.

Before we left the house, she jumped up and grabbed my camera bag that was attached to my belt loop and damaged her tooth when it got caught.

We have stopped Teddy from nipping us but she thinks it's great fun to nip the other dogs and poor Echo. Echo doesn't seem to mind too much, in fact he's extremely tolerant of her puppy ways. I have to have someone hold her because I dare not put her down around the horses because I know she'll nip their legs. Echo would just jump away but Wildairo would put her in orbit if he had the chance. I had Echo in to worm him. He's such a good horse.

The other evening William and Teddy walked over to Echo's with me. William saw two girls he knew out riding their bikes and so while William and Teddy talked to the girls, I played around with Echo. I brushed out his mane and tail and while I tugged away at his tail I remembered when, for such a long time, he wouldn't let me touch him and just the sight of my hair moving in the breeze would make him bolt off. He's as solid as a rock now. He stands so well without even a halter on and if I want to move him I tell him to step up and he walks towards my upraised hand. (I really need to teach him to be tied though).

I put his halter on and led him along side an object that I could stand on and leaned over his back a bit, slapped him with my hand all over and pushed my knee into his side.....he stood perfectly still....head in the air, like he does, and ears back paying attention to me. Here's the crazy part..I felt so comfortable and confident with him that if my body wasn't damaged by the sarcoidosis, I would have put my leg over his back. I've never mounted a horse that has never been ridden before (I sent Foxsun to a really nice trainer for a month when he was three) but it felt pretty natural just to get on. I'm thinking that I would like him to be broke for riding even if I never can ride again. I think I'll put a saddle on him... probably I should make an effort to desensitize him better first.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Poor Teddy with her broken tooth. I hope it's a puppy tooth. Huck did the same thing when he was small.

Echo is a handsome boy. I know that feeling, wanting to jump on. I feel that way when I hang out with Bella.

Linda said...

I have that feeling, too, with Beautiful. But the same thing, I feel like she needs a little more time desensitizing. I think bareback would actually be more natural for her and I'm pretty sure I'm going to ride bitless.

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