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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Evil doers attack garden.

A garden update might sound a bit boring.....but this garden update contains mystery, intrigue and the thrill of the chase.

Our story starts last Autumn.  Brad was impressed with my native plant area and to save me the effort of dragging a long hose across the lawn, he put some water pipe and taps closer to it.  Here's Brad and William plumbing things in. P1010163-1

Speaking of plums...My little plum tree had blown clean over and in an attempt to save it we put in back up, wrapped the cracked trunk with vet wrap and staked it. It lived! And grew one plum, it's very first. I was checking it every day to see if it was ripe to eat. One evening I decided to give it one more day before it went in me belly. Brad had gone to finish the water project and was shocked to see the garden had been vandalized!

They even took my plum! P1010145-1

The above pictures are just from the first round. The evil doers returned every night and did further damage.P1010338-1

One evening when I was parking my jeep, there was a big buck (stag) standing right where I wanted to park.  He was so arrogant. He had big antlers that he seemed pretty proud of and it was then I realized he was the one who was tearing up my trees and shrubs. He must have been jabbing his antlers in the branches. Anyway, I let Teddy out of the jeep and he ran off like the little doe he really was, lol. I had to do some serious thinking to come up with a cunning plan.

Here is what I rigged up... skull

It's a Halloween toy that is motion activated. It goes up and down on a string, eyes flashing as skull dude shouts out warnings..."like run for your lives"..."you're doomed if you go any further". I had a chuckle about 2 am that morning when I heard skull dude shouting his warnings and threats way off in the dark. Next morning I spotted deer tracks next to the skull and huge gouges in the soft soil as the deer bolted off. Trouble was the skull wasn't weather proof, so I couldn't leave it out in the rain. Brad rigged up a pole with light bulbs and a siren on the top that also had a motion sensor. The bloody thing went off when the wind blew the tall grass...all night long. It was like World War 3. With a little tinkering he got it set right. And then it went quiet. I thought the deer had enough and had left....until I went out there and looked. There wasn't much left of my natural tree/shrub area. The lights and siren pole was smashed on the ground and the 100 foot electrical extension cord was missing.

It seemed the vandal deer had been bashing his head around and got his antlers caught in the cord and took off with it. I thought it was my chance to catch him and teach him a good lesson. I imagined him tangled up in the sagebrush somewhere and it was with that vision in my head I decided to track him down and give him a taste of his own medicine. The thought of giving him a good smack with my hiking pole was the thing that kept me climbing ..until I got here.. 2011-10-13121530 2011-10-13121535

It must have been one of Foxsun's favorite places, judging by all the poo. I didn't know he went that far. Anyway, I gave up. I was never going to find him out there.  Next blog entry will be a quick update on the current state of things in the garden.

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