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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Springtime on the farm.

This is my favorite time of the year.  Brad was saying it's his favorite time as well because all the trees are in blossom, the weather is so pleasant and he hasn't started on the irrigation...yet.  Once the irrigation starts, the work gets hard.  This year he has William to help and they are getting lots of work done and things are looking good on the old homestead.

We really miss Bobby.  She was such a big presence in our lives.  She was the happiest dog we have ever known.   I wish dogs lived longer...a lot longer. I hate having to bury my pets.  Bobby is buried next to Foxsun under the apple tree.  Dandylyons will be buried there as well.  I would like to be buried there, but I don't think it's legal to bury people at the bottom of the garden anymore.  :)

My garden is managing to survive the deer, but just barely.  The damn deer won't let my shrubs and trees grow big.  I took Brad to see the lilacs I planted in the 'Foxsun memorial garden' that were in bloom for the first snag though.....the night before those horrid deer had gobbled all the bloom off them, as well as all the new growth.

I thinking of ways to stop the deer.  Brad's willing to put a huge electrified fence around everything, but that would look terrible and be so difficult for me to mow around.  I thought of making a scarecrow....I'd make it look just like me....scruffy hair an all.  And maybe leave a radio out there tuned into a talk program....right wing radio...that'll make them run like hell.

This morning I got up and saw this big deer the size of a small horse with her head stuffed right into my Peace rose.  I yelled at her and she high tailed it.  She didn't care that my wheelbarrow, bike and other things, that should have been put away, were right there.  Now I'm thinking about getting a guard dog, but I'm not sure I could leave a dog out all night.  In the winter she would be inside.  I don't know.  I do know, I'm really mad.  O yeah...that deer this morning had also gobbled down my little blueberry plants.

Here are some pictures I took over the last couple of days.

I planted flowers in pots in the beginning of April, even though we had weeks of frosts ahead of us.  I put bamboo sticks around the plants and every night I throw a blanket, or anything that's handy, over them to keep them warm.

I planted out my tomatoes on April fools day!  I put these water filled tee-pees over them.  One night it got down to 15 F and the water was frozen solid, but the tomatoes were fine!

My Four 0' Clocks are almost ready to plant out.  I seeded carrots, spaghetti squash, egg plants, ornamental grass and just tons of flowers.

This is my native plant area.  It's bigger than it looks here.  I put a nice swing chair on the highest point and I can relax and enjoy a nice view of the valley.  When the area grows tall, I will move the seat to higher ground.


I planted native plants like chokecherry, service berry, golden current etc.  I also planted spruce, elderberry, maple, lilac and more.  Although the deer really damaged everything, they didn't kill anything.

Today I took Dandylyons to work.  While I worked, she did some mowing.  Because she's toothless, it's nice and easy for her to eat this long grass.  She's a big distraction for me.  I keep going out to give her back scratches or just sit with her.  I used to take Foxsun to work.

Echo kept an eye on her from across the road.

Big moon tonight!  This is a picture I just took of the moon through some trees.

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