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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pop goes the Weasel.

I was potting up some seedlings and out of the corner of my eye I could see Tommy Two Tone doing what looked like cartwheels and back-flips on the lawn.  Oh dear...  Tommy was entertaining himself at the expense of some poor helpless creature.  

We are surrounded by wildlife here and the cats have all become serial killers.  Max had just dragged home a once beautiful grass snake.  I think he was beautiful at one time anyway...Max has got a thing about decapitating his victims.  I told him he was a horrid cat, but he just purred as he lay next to the dead snake.

Before I could go over and rescue Tommy's victim, Teddy took a run at TTT and he ran off.  Teddy stood staring at TTT's victim on the lawn.  I went over, dreading what I might see.

I was surprised to see a weasel curled up in a ball.  His mouth and eyes were open and still.  He looked like he was dead, but suspected different.  I picked him up a bit by his tail and then let him back down.  His long body went right back into a ball.  His eyes were still open and so was his mouth, but this time he had a paw in his mouth like he was trying to suppress a giggle.  Animals go into this state when they think they are about to die.  In the case of this weasel, it saved his life.

Knowing weasel man would be waking up any moment, I told Teddy to guard him while I went and got a flower pot to put him in it.  I held another pot on the top and had no hands free to do anything else.  TTT was long gone, but Max had come to see what I was up to.  One false move and Max would have weasels head off.  I had to shout for William and he came to help out.  After a bit he found the perfect thing to put weasel man in....who was already awake and making very cute little chattering sounds.

After we discussed all we knew about weasels and I took some pictures, Brad and William let him go, the other side of the meadow, away from the cats.  We all agreed we liked weasels.

Max thinks it's his lucky day.

Max is thinking...'a snake and a weasel in the same day...'

Now if only he was smart enough to get the window screen off the top of the aquarium.....

Completely forgetting he'd just been curled up and scared to death, the little weasel acted like he was a tough guy.

We'll meet again....said Max.

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