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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fawn on the lawn.

I was surprised to see a little fawn walking across the lawn just outside my window.  I got my camera and took some pictures of him as he sampled the alfalfa.

He was all by himself and seemed to be having a good time.  He nibbled this and that and then enjoyed a cooling off under the sprinklers.  Later that evening William saw him walking past the house and back up the bluff with our cat, Tommy Two Tone,, stalking him.  I wonder where his mother was.  Was she taking a nap and he ran off to play under the sprinklers?  It was been very hot the last few days - up around the 100 degree F mark.

Poor Teddy has been unwell.  She ate a rawhide chew too fast and has been coughing and throwing up.  She saw her vet yesterday and he thought she looked really good considering.  He examined her ...felt her throat and looked down it.  He couldn't feel or see anything.  She sat on the examining table looking sorry for herself.  He didn't want to put a scope down her throat because he felt it could do more harm than good right now.  He thinks she's coughing because her throat was hurt and he's hoping it'll get better.  He gave us some antibiotics and if she doesn't start to feel better he wants to see her again.  Today she only coughed a few times but she is not her playful self yet.  It might be the heat.  She hates the heat as much as I do.

Here she is today...  

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