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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teddy home for now.

Sunday we drove back to Pullman to pick Teddy back up from the Washington State University animal hospital.  They told us she had done very well.  She had been very scared but everyone agreed she has a very sweet temperament.  They decided against worming her and stopped her antibiotics because they want to culture what is in her lungs. She had a complete blood work up and x-rays.

I have had her wormed before.  They want to rule out lung worm which is rare in this region.  They wanted me to get a poo sample, which wasn't easy.  I never thought I'd be pleased to see dog poo on the lawn.

We were told she had someone with her all the time and had not been doing much better than we had described at home.   Here is her current diagnoses;

Based on history, clinical findings, and diagnostic results we suspect Teddy has either a diffuse parasite pulmonary infection or eosinophilic bronchopneumopathy.  Despite our clinical suspicions, an infectious pneumonia and neoplasia (cancer) cannot be ruled out at this time, and further diagnostic tests are needed to determine the underlying cause of Teddy's respiratory signs.

The Australian vet said she didn't realize Teddy was an Australian Shepherd and thought it was funny because she was an Australian.  I told her that's why I thought she was picked to be her

When Teddy was led into the lobby she looked so perky and when she saw us she came right over to us..jumped on Brad's lap and piddled all over it.   Oh, how she kissed us.

I was so pleased at how well she looked.  She wanted to check out this calf.  She kept an eye on it because she knows how calves can do a quick runner.

If it wasn't for her IV bandage you'd never have known she was ill.


She suddenly froze and focused on something across the road....
Even though she's never seen one before she knew what those squeaks were.


There were dozens of them frolicking about.  She was very calm and just stared at them.

She never took her eyes off them.  She's a herder not a chaser.


In the hospital she refused to eat or drink.  When we got home she started coughing again.  Monday we couldn't stand to see her panting and hacking and gave her children's cough medicine - benadryl.   That really helped her.  She had walked slowly with her head twisted to the side and one eye half closed, like she had a headache.  I put a ice pack on her head...used vet wrap to keep it on.  It made her feel better I think.

I think it is significant that she was better at may be an allergy to something in our home.

Today she was so ill.  She just lay on her side and didn't even respond when I went in the room.  She wouldn't even raise her head when I called her name.  I have been pretty worried.  I force fed her scrambled eggs and then she drank some water.  I lay on my bed with her as she panted and made horrible sounds... her tongue gets a blue tint when she gets bad.  After another dose of benadryl she did better and I went outside with her for a little walk about.  She had some better moments when she showed interest in the other pets and weakly greeted Brad and William.

My one eyed chicken, Henrietta jumped her for no reason as she slowly walked behind me, and bit her.  Teddy yelped so loud William heard her at the shop.

Tomorrow we take her back to W.S.U. and they will put her under and take some cultures from her lungs.  The vet and staff at W.S.U. have been incredible.  The vet called to check on Teddy and even called our regular vet.  If only people doctors were that caring.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I'm so sorry Teddy is so sick! I know you must be very worried. I've got all my fingers crossed for a diagnosis and cure, and quickly!

Teddy looks so much like my Blue I can't believe they're not related. But Blue would definitely have wanted to chase the squirrels.

arlene said...

Teddy was from Plummer, Idaho..maybe they are related. We want to get another Australian Shepherd. They are such nice dogs.