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Monday, July 30, 2012

Teddy back on the job.

Teddy continued to do poorly despite the meds, although they were helping.  She stopped eating completely and I became pretty good at force feeding her.  The trick is to get the food not too forward and not too far back in her mouth and then hold her mouth closed just enough so she can't spit it out, yet she can swallow it without it going down wrong.

The vets from W.S.U. called and informed me that she didn't have worms and her other tests came back okay...although still waiting on cultures.  They concluded she did have asthma and prescribed steroids.  I immediately gave her the prescribed dose of my steroids thinking they would take a few days to work but she slept through the night cough free for the first time in weeks.

I was so grateful to not to be woken up by her desperate hacking.  Poor little dog.  She's doing much better now.  There is definitely something on the farm that she's reacting to because she did better at Pullman.  

Here she is back in her own 'bedroom'.  She normally has more toys around her because she likes to carry a squeaky toy upstairs to bed most nights.  She sometimes squeaks herself to sleep.

Yesterday the cows got in to the timothy field and gorged themselves.  Teddy was able to do her job for the first time in ages.  The cows know she's all bark and no bite and so they are not really intimidated by her.  Brad said at first she was so excited to be back working cattle she ran around barking with joy.  She did finally get behind them and brought them home.

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