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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wildairo - September 2012

I have been taking a higher dose of steroids for almost a week and I am starting to feel like I can get about better.

This morning I went looking for Wildairo.  I found him in the sagebrush looking a bit wild but very relaxed and content.

I tried to sneak up on him to get some good shots, but soon as he spotted me he made a beeline towards me.

And here he is....

Since he got into fisticuffs with the farrier three or four years ago, he has been put in charge of trimming his own feet....and a fine job he does....

He proudly displays his name, rank and serial number.

He has only bonded with me.  He doesn't like anyone else.  But he still won't let me groom him or put his halter on like I used to be able to.  I should never have turned him out, or let a farrier near him till he was more domesticated.  Oh well..he's happy.  He followed me back to the corrals for treats.  He's in a area of about 40 acres where he can visit with the cattle and Echo.

Hopefully soon I will be able to work him again.

Tomorrow your intrepid explorer goes in search of the team we call 'cow and chicken'...Dandylyons and Echo.


Lori said...

He is a beautiful horse! And your garden is lovely too!! I enjoy your blog!!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I LOVE that first picture. What a beautiful boy. Even if he doesn't want to do all that "human stuff" at least he's happy to be with you. And his hooves look great! You're so lucky to have all that nice hard ground, I've always wished I had a place more like that for mine.

Christine said...

He's absolutely gorgeous! Good luck with future handling :)