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Monday, June 16, 2008

I was in Wildairo's corral again.

Today my son, William and I spent some more time with Wildairo. Will stayed outside by the gate and I went in. I used both my crutches for support on the rough ground and it was a little awkward. I made him run around the pen with my long whip, in both directions but he kept stopping and turning towards me with ears pricked forward. He just wanted to be with me, so after once in each direction we stopped. He came to me and was ok with me approaching him. He's more comfortable face to face or letting me scratch his tail area. When I stroked his neck he'd walk quickly forward so his tail was next to me. I refused to scratch his back and so I turned quickly away every time he moved forward. He didn't like that so he followed me. After awhile he realized walking forward stops all attention so he stayed put and let me stand by his neck and stroke his neck. That is where I need to be to put his halter on.

He was so relaxed with us. He drank water and was interested in both William and me and kept going from one to the other. He can't stand to see anyone walk away from him and wants to follow. He kept sniffing William's face so I told Will to blow into his nostril. Wildairo loved it. I was very pleased with Wildairo, I felt safe and relaxed with him. He walked up to me and wanted nostril blowing and kisses. I even held his head under his chin and I gave him a kiss on the brow. Second time in the corral and we're already kissing. A far cry from how they used to break wild Mustangs in the old days.

After awhile I'll put a rope around his neck to get him used to it then later I'll try try putting his halter on. His feet need to be trimmed but I'm going to wait as long as I can.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Wildairo sounds like a big puppy dog. What a sweetheart you picked!

nikki said...

Awe! What a big ham! :D

You may want to start carrying a halter on your shoulder and then in your hand to get him used to it before you come to the point to put it on him. Then you can even rub him with it so he is not afraid of it.

Mine did not like the sound of the clasp clanking and associated it with bad human experiences. I carried it around with me and rubbed Tabasco with it to get him used to it. With Shoni I had to do clicker training and get her to touch "scary" objects with her nose then reward her with treats (grass, hay, horse cookies) or scratches.

I bet Wildairo isn't going to have problems getting it though. He seems so much more curious and level headed instead of fearful.

Linda said...

You are exactly where I'm at. This is great. What Nikki said about the clanking is so right on--it scares my mustang, though its been all over her by now. I might switch to a rope halter today since I'm not going to have her drag a rope anymore. But the Mustang Mentor, Cat, also suggested carrying it every time I go to pet her--as Nikki said. Also, my filly does the same thing with the hind--she gave that area up a long time ago--its her hooves and head she still wants. We're asking a lot--sounds like Wildairo wants to please you--so it will probably move fast. I'll keep checking back.