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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wildairo the messy Mustang.

Wildairo poops everywhere in his corral. I have never seen anything like it. Horses like to poop in one area in their pens and pastures. Not this wild boy! I suspect he even pooped in his water. I have caught him putting his feet in his water. He piles it up where I feed him and even where I put his little snack bowl.

The other day William and I were sitting and talking while Wildairo ate his hay and Wildairo did something awful, he peed in his hay!

How can he ever have a decent civilized roommate if he carries on like this? I don't clean it up because I'm hoping he gets tired of eating his hay on top of his poop. So far he doesn't give a hoot. Even ate the hay he piddled on!

I suppose when he was in the wild it didn't matter where they went. Has anyone else had a Mustang like this and did they ever clean up their act?


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

That's really weird, I left a long comment here earlier today but now it's gone...

Anyway, I was going to say all of my horses are messy. None keep a certain toilet area. I don't think they pee in their hay on a regular basis, but that may be because they can go out in the grass and it doesn't splatter. But they just go whenever and wherever the need strikes them.

arlene said...

Thanks for responding. Maybe the horses I owned in the past were unusual. Foxsun is out on a few hundred acres now, so I don't know what he's up to as far as his bathroom habits, but in his smaller pasture of a few acres he always walked over to his poopy area to poo. If I remember right, so have my other horses.

At least Wildairo doesn't eat, poo and pee all at the same time like the cattle. He does show a little self respect because I noticed right where he sits down near the baby calves is poop free.

I might shovel all his poo in to a big shit pile in the corner and maybe he'll get the hint. Or maybe I'll just rub his nose in it. lol

Linda said...

Arlene--I have a theory about this and since our two are from the same herd, maybe it applies to both. But Beautiful does the exact same thing!!! She pees around her food, and I think this is highly unusual for a horse--especially one in the wild that doesn't have to eat and sleep in their urine and poop. When I first got Beautiful she would go and lay out in the manure in the run--even though there was only a small section like that. Her stall is an utter mess. So, my theory is that they were kept in tight quarters at the BLM and got used to eating and sleeping that way--otherwise, I think horses are generally much cleaner than this.

arlene said...

Hi Linda,
I was thinking the same thing about them being in such close quarters at the BLM. The other day I noticed Wildairo had poop all over his side so he must have had a snooze in some.

When I was looking at the colts at the BLM adoption they all peed at the same time. It looked so comical. They were all from Beaty's Butte by the way.