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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wildairo is halter broke.

I can now walk straight up to Wildairo with the halter in full view and put it on him. It will very difficult for me to lead him because I can only walk very slowly.

Last night I called Brad over to look at a sick cow and while I was waiting near Wildairo's gate I gave him a head to toe massage. He is not too keen letting me pick his feet up, he still pulls back. I noticed his knees felt a bit puffy and inflamed. When I touched them he seemed a bit sensitive there. I wonder what's that all about?

After our little 'Who's yer boss' lesson he's being very polite. My son William is really enjoying him and thinks he's like a great big puppy.

I climbed up on the gate and stood over him like he was being mounted. He didn't really notice because he was getting a good back rub at the time.

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