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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wildairo has visitors

I decided to sell some cattle, two cows, a calf and a heifer. Brad ran a bunch into the corrals to sort them. While in the alley they were crashing into the the fence and gate of Wildairo's pen, but he was very polite and nickered a friendly greeting and he went over to them.
I thought of Wildairo's reaction to the commotion only after it started but he handled it very well and was very interested, then he remembered his pile of hay behind him and return to it. One of the cows was left in a mustang proof small pen overnight and managed to smash through it. I'm glad she's gone!
The next day our neighbor came with his stock trailer came for the cows and Wildairo thought he was going too. He went to the other side of his corral and then thought better of it and stood by the fence next to me, for safety I think. He watched the stock trailer back up by his pen and was very calm and interested in everything.
Once the cattle were loaded our neighbor came over to see my mustang. Wildairo stared at him with his eyes open very wide, although he ate an apple he was very jumpy and wouldn't take his eyes off the 'stranger' in the cowboy hat. He really has learned to trust Brad and I and recognizes someone different.
Our neighbor was very interested in my mustang and asked a lot of questions about where he came from and about the BLM rules. I think he liked him and he gave me some training tips and even offered to geld him for me, but he's been done already. He and his sons have a huge cattle ranch and still work the cattle with horses. One of the sons is a horse breeder/trainer and has a very large indoor arena the size of a football field. Wildairo relaxed a bit and turned around and backed up to the fence for a back rub. I pulled his tail through the fence because he loves having it messed with and Brad gave him a back rub. Wildairo put his nose in the air and wiggled with glee. Our neighbor said, "If I didn't see that with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it".
Wildairo is still a little nervous of having his neck area touched, he allows it, but would rather have his back end massaged. I've been waving the halter above his head while he eats so he gets used it. When thing's slow down around here I'll get Brad to help me get it back on.

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Linda said...

You're doing great! I can't believe the fast progress!! My little girl is still stand-offish--but she LOVES to be near me. I wonder if it's her age and insecurity? She won't eat apples, carrots or grain. She'll have nothing to do with any of that. Isn't that strange? She LOVES hay and lots of it. She will eat out of my hand, but doesn't want to be petted. If she does allow petting with the pvc--she offers her hind. So, after writing Andrea, I'm working on getting her to face up. She did it yesterday, but at first did not understand what I wanted. She, too, when she sees the trailer, acts like she has to go hide. She appears to be extremely happy in her stall and run where she can eat as much hay as she wants with no competition. She doesn't seem to want to get out at all and does not pine for the other horses or freedom. So, it sounds like they're a lot alike there, too. They were captured at the same time, so must have been herdmates! Funny--maybe they're related!