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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Adoption Update

UPDATE On-line Adoption Auction;
The BLM's web sites are all down which is just as well because just before the crash I spotted a second Mustang that was so lovely I wanted him too. On Monday, the last time I saw the bids, I was still top bidder at $145 on the horse I want. I got a call from the BLM saying the site had been hacked.

I'd love to drive down to the BLM corrals in Burns, Oregon to see all the horses. There was a press release in our local paper this week from the BLM about the adoptions this month. They are offering free transportation within a 400 miles radius of Burns Oregon throughout July and August! That's for any horse they have not just the on line adoption horses.

This picture was taken April 27th 2008, the day I adopted Wildairo. The BLM wranglers were loading him for me. He was so wild in the chute and tried to turn around when they put his halter on. I was really getting upset to see a horse treated like a cow but I knew it was the only way to do it. Brad was startled to see a horse act like that and worried all the way home that he hadn't reinforced the pen enough. Wildairo was fine though. He decided right quick he was wild no more and tried to find out his ranking in his new herd. Silly boy thought he'd try for the top job at first. I couldn't blame him for trying though. I'm still amazed at how quickly he settled down in his new home. It's incredible considering he lived for over a year of his life wild and then was just chased about by humans, gelded, wormed, shots, blood drawn and feet trimmed, all in a chute!



Anonymous said...

Wow. Thats amazing that the BLM is offering up to 400 miles free transportation, for both online and the facility. Good luck with the adoption!

Linda said...

That is amazing--I'm glad they're doing it, but with hay prices it is so hard to add to the herd. I would adopt another, but I'm paying $245.00/ton delivered and I have to put away 25 ton this year. But when my old guys pass away someday, I'm replacing them with mustangs. I hope other people take advantage of it! :):)

Cheryl Ann said...

I saw a GORGEOUS black mustang on the BLM online adoption, but then their site went down. I didn't get his number. How do they expect people to participate in the online adoption when their website doesn't even WORK?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on how far you have come with Wildairo. My husband Bob and I were at Odessa when you got him. Hope you get the one you want from Burns. We are getting another in Burns in mid August. I am a competitor in the Yearling Mustang Challenge in Reno the middle of August. Check my blog out Lea and her