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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Views from my house.

This picture was taken yesterday morning from my back door.



A fawn followed my mallard ducks around the lawn for a while. The ducks didn't bother to fly off but just complained loudly as they waddled about in front of the fawn. I wish I could have got a picture of that.

I often see wildlife from my windows. All are welcome. Coyotes, badgers, bobcats, bunnies, weasels and many more. I have spotted bald eagles in the cottonwoods, Ospreys and Turkey Vultures on the old power pole behind our house. Sometimes I've looked outside to see cattle on my lawn. We let our blind cow's calf have the run of the place because he's so small. He often can be seen walking around the garden.

One night last winter, at about midnight I saw the motion detector light come on. There in a snow storm I saw Foxsun walking past the drive way driving a group of cows in front of him bring them back to the corrals. Some cows had got out up on the bluff and Fox followed them over the fence they broke and brought back as many as he could round up, bringing them down the step bluff in the dark. It's a short cut that goes past our house. It's happened before many times. I have to go out and open up the gate to the corrals so Fox can bring them in. Foxsun does not approve of the cattle going too far from home and runs a tight ship. I'm hoping he will train the Mustang's to be like him. I plan to put one mustang out at a time with him so he can show them the ropes. I think there's a chance the two mustangs together might try to high tail it back to Beaty's Butte.

Here's a picture of Foxsun's sire, the famous Morgan cattle horse, Sunup Phaon.


He was a hard working cow horse besides being a stud horse. He died at age 30 a few years ago at his mum's place in Nevada. He has a farm named after him in Texas. Foxsun is very much like him, gentle on the small and young but takes no nonsense from trouble makers. Foxsun looks very much like his mother. I found his full sister still living in Colorado. She looks just like him only darker.

Echo's voice makes me laugh, it's deep and sexy like Barry White's. Last night I was calling a wayward cat home and Echo answered me (Echoing) in his deep rumbling voice. Who would have thought little Echo would sound like that. Wildairo squeals like a little girl.

Foxsun update:
Foxsun's abscess continues to drain. The swelling in his legs has gone down. He trots across his pasture when he spots me coming and is eating very well. So I'm going to let him continue as is for a while. If he doesn't keep improving or has another relapse I'll go the antibiotics route. Some vets use them for pigeon fever and others advise against them.


Kara said...

My Chico (who looks like your Wildairo), sounds a little like a cross between and mule and a horse when he "whinnies". It's quite funny. Someday I'll get a recording of it.

Linda said...

That's funny about their whinnies. :):) My horse, Cowboy, has a real low one and I can tell it in the dark or whatever. My husband imitates it when he wants me to come over. Ha ha-it's an inside joke for us and everyone probably thinks we're NUTS--we are. :):)

Kara said...

Echo and Chico are from the same HMA. I wonder if it's a heritable trait...their voice.