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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

63 degrees here today.

It looked windy and cold outside but Foxsun and the cows weren't acting like it was cold. When I went out I was pleasantly surprised because it was 63 degrees and not very windy. Things are greening up as the grass in the pasture is starting to grow again.

I went and kept the mustangs company. Echo really enjoys me being there. He snuck up behind me and stood so close I almost bumped into his shoulder. He does that, walks up to me and stands as close as he can without touching me. He still has the 'no touch' rule in place. Now I can walk into the corral and without saying anything, hold my hand up high and he walks quickly up and bumps my hand like he's been taught to. He's adorable. If I can ever ride again he's the horse I'd love to ride.

I found this today in the Huffington Post, it's by Deanne Stillman who wrote, 'Mustang: The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West'.

"Please get in touch with President-elect Obama, as well as your representatives and senators, and let them know that a) the extermination of our great partner - the wild horse - is not how you would like your tax dollars to be spent; b) Congress should take a hard look at exactly why so many wild horses have been rounded up in recent years, and c) getting rid of the wild horse is un-American.

Incidentally, Obama was a backer of the anti-slaughter legislation that Congress passed a couple of years ago, shutting down the country's three remaining, and foreign-owned, horse rendering plants. This legislation was passed by a huge margin, thanks to a massive grass-roots campaign kicked into high gear after the previous official death sentence for wild horses was enacted - a rollback in the law that protects them orchestrated by former Montana Senator Conrad Burns. The original law, the Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act, was signed In 1971 by Richard Nixon, who, in a bizarre footnote to history, quoted Thoreau in an impassioned defense of the wild horse at the signing ceremony. The Burns rollback paved the way for the current disaster".

To read more you can find it here;


Cheryl Ann said...

Arlene, last spring I was having headaches every day and I was extremely fatigued. I cut out all milk and dairy products, as well as red meat, and went on a raw food diet. The headaches immediately stopped, and I had TONS of energy. My cousin, Valerie, who helps me train my horses, is a nutrition expert and she kept telling me to do this, so I finally did!!! The results were AMAZING! I've even lost 13 pounds! I've documented this on my rawfoodjourney blog. Now, if I could only get my back and face healed, I'd be in super shape! I may have to go to a neurologist soon. Let me know how you do. I switched to soy products and LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies.

Linda said...

I'm going to follow that link-thanks for the information.

It was in the high 50s here, too, but nothing's greening up yet. I wish. I think the drought killed all of our grass to the core.

arlene said...

Your cousin, Valerie sounds really handy to have around. Glad you feel better.

Our 'weed' grass comes back from the dead when it rains, but the type of grass that lawns are made of dies off and doesn't come back I notice.