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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My new hat and Bobby guards her bone.

I wore my new hat when I went to feed the horses. It's got long bobbles that hang down each side. Echo was very interested in it and he carefully sniffed the bobbles. Here's a picture of him looking at me in my new hat.


Bobby has a big rawhide bone that she's been busy guarding from the other pets. She keeps it under the table in her self proclaimed dog den. This is what it's looked like for weeks in the same place under the table. The blurry thing in the foreground is her wagging stumpy tail.


She's convinced herself that given the chance the cats will make off with it. So she goes on cat patrol when she remembers 'the bone'.

The weather has been milder and so our four cats are frequently in and out. Here's the back door with Andy waiting his turn to go out.


Meanwhile at the kitchen door; Max wants in and Muffin wants out.


When the cats are on maneuvers Bobby has to be on her toes to protect her bone, so she gives the cats a jab in the ribs with her nose to keep them moving. She doesn't jab them very hard because they keep walking along with their arrogant tails in the air.

When Bobby is outside the doors have to be locked because she puts her paw on the door knob, pulls it down and lets herself back in. I'd have no problem with it but she doesn't close the door behind her so in the summer the house fills up with flies and in the winter she lets all the cold air in.


I just shouted out to her that the cats were eating her stinky old bone. "Hey Bobby, Andy's eating your bone...and he likes it".

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Cheryl Ann said...

Don't you just LOVE the in/out game? Our cats do it, too. do the dogs! Maybe they learned it from the cats?