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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A lazy mid november Sunday.

I'm a little cross at the Mustangs even though I know I should be more patient with them.

Wildairo gets big knots in his beautiful mane that I have to untangle on a regular basis. After I get the knots out his mane is very curly still and gets knotted easy again.


I'll have to brush it more often until it straightens out. I expect my horses to stand still when I groom them without being haltered. But Sunday he was horrible to me. He even put his ears back and tried to bit my camera phone when I attempted to take his picture of his angry face. He slinked off in a temper and I shouted at him to knock it off which brought him to his senses a bit. This is the way he was with the other horses in the BLM corrals, so it's not new behaviour for him. I got him to stand still but the knots were so bad I had to toss a little hay down to keep him entertained while I worked on them.


I think he was in a bad mood because it was Sunday and he got fed later than usual. He only attempted to bite the camera and the hair brush, which is kind of funny when I think about it.

The other day I had Brad go through the 'step up' routine with Echo and to my amazement Echo tried his best to cooperate with Brad, but Brad kept forgetting to tell him 'Come here' or 'good boy' and I had to keep prodding him in the back and whispering the right words he should saying to Echo and that made him start dropping the carrots. I forgot he can't do two things at once. I was so pleased Echo wasn't scared of Brad.

Today, when Echo and I were standing next to each other, I forgot myself and tried to touch his cheek. He whirled away so fast I was almost sucked into the vortex he created. He snorted and stared at me, so I turned my back on him in mock disgust. I stood for ages ignoring him and when I turned back he was still staring at me and hadn't moved an inch. I put my hand up told him 'step up' and he was grateful to get back to normal and walked right up and touched my hand with his nose. It was kind of like we high fived after we scared the poop out of each other.

Here's what I see from my front window. Foxsun in the meadow waiting for his senior horse dinner.


I try to put his dinner out when he can canter over and leave the cows behind so he can eat in peace. If the cows see him eat they want some and he has to put his ears back at them to scare them off. Even though cows don't communicate in that way, he has taught them what it means. Dandylyons is not allowed to eat his special dinner so she watches his back keeping the other cows away from his stash by her mere presence.


Here are the old fools having a cuddle in the meadow.


Here's Brad fixing the domestic pump at the little house. I helped him pull it using the tractor. Sometimes little frogs commit suicide by throwing themselves into electrical workings, which stops water being pumped up or something. This time it was something different that broke the pump. I don't know what because when Brad tells me my eyes glaze over. I only remember the bit about the frogs because it's sad.


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