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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Dog and Pony show.

Sunday I wanted to see how the horses would respond to Bobby. I asked her to jump up on this table thing and to my surprise she did. Wildairo wasn't bothered by having a dog on a table. Nothing seems to bother him except Stranger Danger. He politely introduced himself.




New best friends? Bobby and Wildairo ate baby carrots together. Bobby will eat anything to prevent another pet from eating it. When I'm cooking in the kitchen I will give her a bit of raw onion or mushroom and ask her to please give it to Andy, our cat. She will gobble it down rather than let Andy eat it. As if he would!

Next I took Bobby to meet Echo inside his pen for the first time. Echo was his usual shy self. He came up to me to eat carrots with Bobby but he was very careful not to step on her.


Echo is a secret apple eater. He will not eat them out of my hand but the cut up apples I've been dropping in his bucket have been disappearing.


Cheryl Ann said...

Pretty soon he'll realize YOU are the apple feeder! I used to go out in Gigondas' corral with apples in my pockets. She would sniff me and find them. It was a game we played and it helped her get over her fear of humans. She has a great nose! I took my German Shepherd out with the mustangs and Scout took a swipe at him, so now we chain him just out of harm's way. I'm glad your mustang is more gentle than Scout!

Linda said...

Great pictures! You should enter that last one in a contest.

water_bearer said...

I just discovered your blog today and I love it so far. Can't wait to read the rest of the posts, but I just wanted to say those pictures are great. So cute. In fact, you have a bunch of great pics on here. Great stories, too. That Bobby could have his own children's book!
Oh... by the way - some dogs are more sensitive to it than others, just like with most things, but generally speaking you should never give a dog onions. They will make them very sick and if given in high amounts can even cause death. Just because you don't see physical signs on the outside, such as vomiting, etc., doesn't mean it isn't doing damage internally. Just thought you should know.

arlene said...

Thank you for your comment.

Don't worry about Bobby being a regular onion eater. I gave her the BIT of onion to PROVE THE POINT that she'll eat anything to keep the cats from eating it. In her dog mind she thinks the cats will eat onions (and everything else) so she beats them to it. Bobby also tries to eat hay when the horses are being fed.

Being a farm dog, Bobby manages to gobble up many a thing she really shouldn' VERY smelly old cow placentas for one thing.

Our dogs live long happy lives and I HAVEN'T MANAGED TO MAKE ONE SICK YET. Bobby's almost 7, our other dog is 11. Paddington lives to be almost 16, (very old for a big dog).

While I share your concern for animal welfare you can rest assured Bobby is in very good hands and I am not going to poison her.

water_bearer said...

Oh I can certainly tell your animals are in good hands, believe me. And I didn't mean it to seem that I was implying otherwise.
I just didn't know if you knew about the onion thing. A lot of people know that chocolate isn't good for dogs, but not everyone (even animal folk) know about onions and raisins and such. Today's post on the bone is funny. My dog's the same way with only one of her stuffed animals. As if ANYone would want that crusty old thing.

arlene said...

Raisins??? NO!!! That one is a new one for me. I don't recall the dogs eating raisins but I know they LOVE grapes and grapes are raisins.
The thing that really bothers me is that Bobby grabs anything that hits the floor and so I always open my pain meds really carefully over the sink because the thought of them spilling out and 'greedy dog' eating them quick (before Andy does) really scares me.