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Monday, February 2, 2009

Echo goes mental (again) and Wildairo learns a lesson.

When Wildairo has this look on his face I tell him to 'knock it off' and he gets no treats. This is also the look that Foxsun attempts to cure by giving him a kick.


One day I hope Wildairo realizes that looking at people this way gets him no favors.

I told him to 'just knock it off' and turned and walked away from him. He came to his senses and acted nice, which made me talk to him nice, which made him soften up even more. Then that got him some kisses. Not too many though because his nose smelled like pee. Once he was really nice I gave him a bran muffin and some carrots. When I left he attacked the gate with his teeth and feet trying to get more attention. Same old lovable Wildairo.

Mean while Echo had gone completely mental. The day before he was so sweet. He sniffed me and played with my hangie down hat bobbles. But he did get a bit frightened when he flipped one of the bobbles up with his nose and thought it was going for him. What a difference a day makes with him. He wouldn't take his eyes off the bluff. He was on high alert for danger and stayed that way for an hour. Hearing Echo's warning snort, Wildairo had a quick look and thought the whole danger thing was a waste of time. Wildairo knows the real danger is from strangers who try to chop your hooves off.


Echo was badly wanting to have a good old fashion stampede. He would grab a carrot from me when I called his name. I notice he knows his name and has forgot he was #7915.
Yesterday and today he was in a even worse state.

It was the same when he got paranoid about the fence. It took him days to calm down. I'm cutting back his oats!


Linda said...

I've seen that look a few too many times at my house.

I think they're all feeling good with the warmer weather.

Have you seen Lea's blog tonight--she has some of her horses down from what may be a toxic bale of hay. I'm worried for her.

arlene said...

Oh no, I just read Lea's blog. How scary. I hope they will be OK.

I put Foxun back in with Wildairo today so I could put this poor little heifer where he eats. She's been chased off from the feeder and wasn't getting enough to eat. Anyway I gave her a slab of Foxsuns alfalfa and to my horror I saw it was thick with mold. He would have been fed that tonight in the dark if he hadn't got moved. But generally horses won't eat mold.

There could have been some toxic weeds in a bale or those insects that can kill horses. I forget what they are called.
There was a lot of them about 13 years ago and I heard some race horses died when they ate hay with them in. We found some in our hay fields and got some insectiside flown on.

I'm worried for her too.

arlene said...

The insects that are toxic to horses are Blister beetles.