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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A new look.

I have a new look for my blog. I couldn't decide what picture to use so I went with a mess of them. I show Echo doing his little 'step up routine' and just looking his handsome self. (Bobby managed to get in there somehow). I show Wildairo sucking down a cold one, having a halter put on for the first time (beside the hard way by the BLM) and being generally humiliated.

It was very hard to do because the Blogger was acting up and wouldn't show me any pre-views and also our kitten, Tommy Two Tone, was trying to sleep on his back in my arms leaving me to awkwardly type with one hand. I finally put him out of the room and closed the door. When I went to check on him I found him trying to ride my bike only to discover his kitten legs were too short.


Silly kitten, bikes are for humans.

Last September I took our mystery chicks baby pictures. He was such a cute little chick.


Well he grew into a funny looking rooster. I hear him out there cockle dooing. Brad reported that when he went to let the chickens out the other morning he found the rooster, whom I named Jet Lag, chasing the hens and making a nuisance of himself. So when I managed to get going, I went out and grabbed him. Usually when the farmers wife grabs a chicken to bring in the house thing's get ugly pretty quick. Lucky for Jet Lag I'm not into that. We had ourselves a photo shoot.


His face is a little grubby but that's no excuse; he still has a face only his mother could love.


It looks like one of the hens whacked him over the head with something. He'll have to have his own pen so the hens can peacefully lay eggs.


Linda said...

Cool! I love that you went and got your chicken and took a picture of him! And, the montage (is that the spelling?!) of photos is great. I have one of those kittys too--she's always pawing around and shedding on my keyboard! Great pics!

Kara said...

Love the new look! Thanks so much for the picture of your rooster! I laughed out loud! I love chickens, but your rooster sure is funny looking!

Cheryl Ann said...

Love the new look, too! Can you tell me how you did it? I'd love to have a collage, too! LOVED the rooster pics! He is kinda funny-looking, but I'm sure you love him!

arlene said...

Linda, Thanks. Montage is a better word than I used. lol.

Kara, He thinks he's hot even though he's not.

Cheryl, I'd love to tell you how I did it. I learn by hit and miss on these computer gadgets so I don't know the correct terms for things.

I have a program called 'MGI PhotoSuit 4' were I edit photos.

I first of all selected many photos (more than I used) I wanted to use and cropped them.

I clicked on 'compose' and went to 'collages'.
There I started with a blank page and dragged the photos onto it. I discovered the page had to be rotated horizontaly and then they all fit perfectly for the space on the blog.

I went to add/edit text and put in my blog title etc. I used the same font and color that blogger has.
I cropped off all the extra empty white on the page.

I saved it in 'my pictures' as a jpeg.
You then can post it like you would any picture.

I did the same with the MLK picture, that's how I learned, but I didn't crop off the extra part of the page. Also I used the wrong font and color.

The preview wasn't working on blogger so I to keep publishing what I did and then viewing it.

By the way I love my photoSuit program. I've had different versions of it for years. It's easy to use, unlike Photoshop which was way more than I needed and made smoke come out of my ears.

Cheryl Ann said...

I hear 'ya on the Photoshop! Hubby uses it daily, but I just haven't had the time to sit down. I think I have a photo design program SOMEWHERE on my computer...I'll have to fiddle around with it! Thanks for answering my question!