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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun times in the hen house.

Foxsun won't let me get near Wildairo so I opened the gate and let Foxsun out.


Wildairo watched him go. The pasture I turned Fox into is over 40 acres of slopes and sagebrush and so the old boy will be kept busy looking for his old cow wife.

I was able to give Wildairo some attention. He still puts his ears flat back as he approaches me. This is how he approached his wild herd mates as well. He doesn't seem to mean any harm in it, but I don't like it at all.

Echo is hanging onto his 'wild horse card' card for long as he can. He has taken a big step back this winter.

The corrals are a mess. The water drains away from them but the poop is frozen to the ground and needs a tractor to scrape them clean. I look forward to getting all the horses out in the pastures. I think I could turn Wildairo out with no problems but Echo is a different story. It would take the BLM with helicopters to recapture him I think.

My search for signs of Spring continues. We drilled holes in some basalt rocks and I put soil and seeds in them. This little viola survived under the snow.



Last September my order of Rhode Island chicks arrived. The hatchery included a free rare exotic chick with my order. We made many a guess what kind of a chick it was. William said he thought it was an owl which I thought was very funny and would have been good for return business for the hatchery. Well, I've had a few bad dreams about what it could be and as I made may gingerly across the still patchy ice to see the hens for the first time for over a month (Brad feeds them) I saw my worst nightmare had been realized. The mystery hen was a.............................

Brace yourselves..........

The worst kind of bird for a lacto ovo vegetarian like myself, who only wanted a small squadron on laying hens.




Yes, that's him, the fancy feller surrounded by his women folk.

About 20+ years ago I asked my vet if he could neuter a rooster and he said. "If you bring him in here I'll turn him into chicken stew". He's the same vet who said, on hearing I had adopted a mustang, told me I needed a mustang as much as I needed a hole in the head. Besides his seeming hatred for animals, he's a very good vet.

Soon as I left Wildairo went berserk as he pined for his antagonist, Foxsun.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Isn't it silly how horses who get picked on still get upset when you take the bully out? Soxy did that the other day when we took Cisco for a ride. I thought she didn't like him! But I guess any herdmate is a good herdmate...

Sorry about the rooster, that's really disappointing!

Cheryl Ann said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! A rooster! HEHehehehe!!!! Thanks for the comments about my insurance woes! They have absolutely NO CONSCIENCE! I mean, really! I hate them all.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

What a pretty rooster. Our rooster isn't near that pretty. They either stay nice or get eaten. Funny horses. They do get attatched to one another don't they.

Unknown said...

arlene its julie back in the uk. ilove to read all about your horses and whats going on on your farm its been so intresting.bit dirrerent to juffs riding school back in wootton

arlene said...

Wildairo seems to loves Foxsun even though he beats him up. Funny thing, I thought it would be the other way around.

Our rooster seems very far.

JULIE! Boy, you made my day. I can't believe you read my blog. Ha ha. Now I can't made up rubbish about how I was an award winning show jumper at Bill Juffs riding school and stuff back in the 60's. lol. Good to hear from you.