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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A snowy farm in eastern Washington State.

Yesterday Brad had to clear snow.


He noticed where the snow was drifted and deep the ground wasn't frozen.

Here are some of the girls. Another two months and they start having their calves.


This is Levin (named after her grandmother #11) on the right with her adult daughter, Pebbles.


A Morgan and a Mustang. Foxsun on the left, and Wildairo wait for their hay.


Foxsun will be 23 in April and Wildairo will be a three year old this year. He has become very domesticated and fits right in. He still seems to treat me very much differently than he does Brad. I won't be doing anything with him till the weather warms up. I'm useless in the cold weather.


Here's is wild herd mate, Echo, also three years old this year.


Echo and Wildairo were captured on the same day, August the third 2007, in southern Oregon. Beaty's Butte. They still remain complete opposites in personality's. Wildairo needs and respects a firm hand. He hasn't attempted to bit or kick me since the first few weeks he was here, but Brad says he still gives him a warning now and again. I suspect a lot of this is because Brad isn't really in tune with the ways of the horse and he's very likely to approach a horse wrong or pet too rough. ie: Brad said Wildairo didn't like it when he was removing ice off his back but Foxsun was fine with it. If I had been pulling the ice off Wildairo's back I'd have slowly got him used to it. I think the problem is we have had a fool proof horse (Foxsun) for 20 years and take it for granted a horse will be fine with anything. I have found Wildairo very willing to learn new thing's and is full of curiosity. He has tried so hard to be a good boy and fit in. He loves beer and will eat anything. His big problem is he's afraid of strangers.

Echo is gentle, sweet and very nervous. He's curious but I have to be very calm around him. At first I could touch his face but it got too scary for him. Not once has he put his ears back at me, tried or threatened to kick me. He loves to eat baby carrots out of my hand. A few times, while I have been distracted he has put my fingers in his mouth thinking they were carrots and didn't bite. When all is tranquil in his little world he gives me little kisses on my face. He's a very gentle soul. Once he gets used to humans touching him he's going to be fine. His big problem is he's very spooky. He's scared of his own tail!


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

They're all so cute and fuzzy!

This snow sure isn't fun, is it? Nice that you have that big tractor to move the big drifts!

nikki said...

I love their fuzzy winter coats!!! What a bunch of cuties. Love the cow pictures too. :)

Any big training plans for the mustangs 3rd year? Mine are going to be 3 too- I might try and start saddle training/riding Shoni this year. I was planning on it with Tabasco too but I want to give him lots of time to heal after his surgery.

Hope you aren't swimming in the snow where you are! It just keeps dumping on us and I am sooooo ready for spring! The days are getting longer though so it can't be too far away! :)

Kara said...

A wonderful post and summary of your horses! And your cows are so adorable. We used to have 2 momma cows when I was a kid. They had calves for us every year. Once, the hereford cross had twins.

arlene said...

Andrea, Green tractor (as William used to call it) doesn't see much action in the winter time. He's a hard working tractor in the spring and summer though.
Nikki, The snow is all melting now. I hope to send both the mustangs off for training this spring/summer. There's no way I'd attempt it myself.
Kara, I love cows. In the last 25 years we've only had two sets of twins. I did the summery on the mustangs because I suddenly remembered my blog was supposed to be about them. lol.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I have to keep remembering that too Arlene. This time of the year and with the snow and cold its hard to get out and to do anything with them but feed. Stay safe/