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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beautiful sights on Inauguration Day.

I watched the inauguration parade on Cspan because they seemed to have the best coverage. The Border Patrol riding their Mustangs went by far too quickly. I was so impressed with those horses, who were born completely wild, walking two a breast with bagpipes playing and the crowds cheering. I loved their nose bands! I was a bit disappointed the border patrol agents on the mustangs weren't wearing kilts, Scottish style.

The Border Patrol horses have proven that BLM Mustangs can be used like any other horses, while also having the advantage of being awesome trail horses and true friends.

I hope that seeing these beautiful horses walking so calmly in the parade will get more people interested in adopting them. I also think that this will help people become more aware of what is going on with the BLM and the wild horse herds.

When I adopted Wildairo last April there were Border Patrol agents at the adoption with their horses.


The horses were so calm and weren't even the least bit botherered with me approaching them on my crutches.

But the sweetest sight of all yesterday was George W Bush getting on that helicopter and getting the hell out of Washington! Wildairo said, if he had some shoes he would have thrown them at him! That's my boy.


Cheryl Ann said...

HEHEHEhehehehehe! Go Wildairo! I'd be there with 'ya! Seriously, though, our two mustangs and Beauty are the calmest of our horses! Sunni is the spookiest, while Gigondas ... I never know with her, although she's calmed down a lot.

Rising Rainbow said...

I wasn't aware the border patrol was riding mustangs. Hopefully that will help turn around some of the bad PR that mustangs have gotten.

arlene said...

Rising Rainbow,
The negative PR is coming from some very ignorant people. The mustang horse is a wonderful animal. I have owned horses since 1970 and the BLM mustangs that the Border Patrol agents had were some of the sweetest, calmest, bravest horses I've ever been around.

Rising Rainbow said...

arlene, I don't doubt that. It's just like with Arabians when people don't know how to deal with them they blame it on the horse instead of taking responsibility for their own ignorance. The horse is the one that loses in the end.

I'm all for breaking down the ignorance any way possible to get people to understand that Mustangs, Arabians and any other breed that gets trashed really don't deserve it. The problems are about people, not the horses.

arlene said...

I love Arabians. I love their spirit. I loved to ride them. In England I rode many Anglo Arab crosses because they make good jumpers. People who are used to a low headed, plod along type trail horses are really put off by a spirited horse. But I love it. I feel that energy is working for me and not against me. For a very short time I owned a QH that looked for all the world to be quiet and steady. He just saved his energy all up for putting me into orbit without warning.
Many people around the world adore the Arabian horse. They are so beautiful.