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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Foxsun hangs in there.

Thanks everybody for your kind words concerning Foxsun's health. It's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. Days have kind of blended together.
Foxsun continued to feebly graze on the dried weedy stuff and refused to touch more nourishing feed. Sunday I picked handfuls of his favorite grass and he obliged me by eating it. We made another mad dash to Ephrata to buy more of the antibiotic, salt and Electro-Plex. I was very anxious to get home to Foxsun and also afraid of what I might find.

We left Fox standing in the shade on the lawn and when we got home he was in the tall weeds eating the tops of the grasses. I called him and he walked to me like a horse with a purpose. His whole demeanor was different. I put a rope around his neck so he could get his supplement paste and he walked so fast and with so much vigor I got pulled a bit! Wow, he got his horse spirit back!!

He munched on the carrots I gave him and then he walked back to the corrals and started eating the alfalfa hay right out of the bales. I felt like I won the lottery I was so happy. That night, about midnight, William wanted to go and check on him and it was a good thing he did. Foxsun was still at large and was by the stack yard. William found him groaning and refusing to move. We got him into the light and I saw his back legs were shaking and so were his shoulders. I was afraid the pain might be coming from his gut... then I noticed he had the horrible swelling was back around his belly button area so I gave him a full dose of bute. It was the first time he had bute for four days which is incredible because he wouldn't eat without it before starting on the antibiotic. We put him in the corral next to Echo and went to give the mustangs a little hay and to my amazement Foxsun nickered for his and when I tossed it over the fence he dived right into that really good alfalfa hay. I was astonished because he was in obvious pain yet he wanted to eat. I thought he was going to quit eating and drinking again.

He still is continuing to eat and drink. He still won't finish his oats though. Tonight, Tuesday night, he was a little pain and I just gave him some bute. He wasn't shaking like he was Sunday night but he was groaning and moaning a bit when I led him back to the corrals.

Foxsun eating in the tall weeds. This is where he poops to avoid going on the lawn.


When I looked out my back door this morning this fellow was under the apple tree in Foxsun's spot.

I was like the paparazzi, "Over here. Over here!" Snap.. got him!

He was back tonight and when I shone my light over to the apple tree I thought the glowing eyes were Foxsun's and I took my lead rope to get him. The eyes bolted off and I thought 'Wow, Foxsun's really doing good to run like that'... William told me then it was a deer .... or maybe a cougar he added lol.


pamela said...

I am new to your blog. Sounds like Echo, is one heck of a sweety.But, going back and reading previous post-- sound like Foxsun is depressed due to the new mustang. I could'nt find where he had previously been sick. Maybe I missed it somewhere..I know my dogs, do this if I bring in a new animal-- that gets more attention at the time than they do. Just saying. Love your blog,tho.

pamela said...

Sorry, I see it now that he is 23 years young.We have a neighbor that has a 25 year old mare,that gave birth to a colt last year. I thought this would surely kill her.But she is still doing fine.

Linda said...

I'm just catching up on the blogs today--summer vacation. Sorry to hear about Foxsun--sounds like it's an emotional roller coaster for you.

That picture of the buck is outstanding. You're lucky to get a shot like that in a lifetime.

Wishing the best for Fox.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

What a beautiful deer picture. Am glad to hear Foxsun is hanging on. Keep looking every day on your blog.

Ylva said...

What's his illness?

Keeping my fingers crossed for Foxsun over here on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

arlene said...

Pamela, Nice to hear from you. When Foxsun first got ill I thought he was depressed because I'd separated him from his sweetheart. But it turned out he was ill. He does sulk though. I'm glad your neighbors mare was OK having a foal.

Linda, The picture of the buck came out better than I thought. The morning sun was behind him and I couldn't really tell if he was even in the picture when I took it. I had to be fast before he bolted. I think he was amazed to see me standing there in my jammies surrounded by cats.

Lea, Thanks for your kind words concerning Foxsun. My main concern is he doesn't suffer, but he still seems to be enjoying life. I'm on a few pain meds myself so I really understand how he feels. We make a fine pair, lol.

Ylva, It started out as pigeon fever and after several months of seeming to recover he got very ill. The vet said his body was walling off an infection or abscess. It's nice to hear from you and thanks :)