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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Echo gets halter trained.

Now I could secure a lead rope to lead Echo I needed to train him to stand still to be haltered.

The first try was a failure. I put the lead rope around his neck and started to put the halter on when the heavy snap on the lead rope tapped him and he bolted. The second try was also a failure. I decided to forget the lead rope and just put the halter right on him. All was going well till he saw the stiff leather crown piece going up and over and he bolted. Well he had a bit of an argument then. He stood in his corner snorting at me and I was shouting "Bad boy"! We soon made friends and had a nice cuddle.

The third try was a success. I made his lead rope into a halter and led him into a small pen. I called Brad and William over for moral support and put his nose through the nose band. He's used to me putting things over his nose and he stood still starring bug eyed and Brad and William. This time I carefully slid the leather crown up behind his ears and struggled to reach it the other side. William asked me if I needed a telephone book to stand on and that made me start laughing. For a reward I gave Echo a dose of wormer, poor lad. Worming actually is a none issue for him.

I brushed his mane and made him look very handsome.

I got him used to me brushing his forelock and now he's much better at having things above his eyes. He's not keen about me taking pictures while standing at his side and he keeps trying to turn to face me. I have to say sternly, "Eyes front soldier" and he snaps to attention. It's very cute.


I brushed his mane over to one side and took a picture of his rarely seen freeze brand.

Out in the big area, I practised taking the halter off and putting it back on. Once he found he gets cheers and applause for having his halter put on he was eager to put his nose through the nose band. He loves being groomed now. He's still not too keen on me touching his back feet though. Soon as I get my hands around his fetlock he pulls his foot away in a defensive move. We'll get there one day.

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Linda said...

Wow--good job--congratulations. He sure looks healthy, too--pretty fat, actually---and shiney!