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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Greener pastures.

Dandylyons and Echo wait patiently as Brad checks the electric fence.  They are just being let into a little bit of extra pasture to eat it down before the grass dries out.  Echo had never gone through the gate there, before so I was eager to see what he'd do.  In the past every new gate I'd walk him through would be a huge undertaking.  He had a fear of going through gates.  I wanted to see if he'd follow Dandylyons anywhere......

He did great!  No hesitation.  William led Dandylyons through first and Echo and I brought up the rear.  He kept very close to me just in case.  I don't worry about him walking over me or kicking out.  He has always been extremely respectful.

He was sporting his break away halter.

A convoy of cattle trucks and livestock trailers went by on the road.

He ran over to Dandylyons...the comfort cow for the ages.  Dandylyons doesn't give a hoot about traffic or anything else.  She's completely bomb proof.

I always forget to take pictures of him moving because I'm enjoying looking at him.  He's a delightful mover.  When he's showing off, he arches his neck and lifts his little feet up high. Here he is coming back to me.

Not much to eat out here.  Our grass dries up pretty quick.

He keeps making sure I'm still there.

When he has checked out the fences and seems settled, I leave him...looking at  even greener pastures.  Keep dreaming Echo....that's alfalfa.

I'd like to turn him out with Dandylyons on the bluff, where he could explore acres and acres of canyons and draws.  I know he'd keep close to Dandylyons, but she is too old to walk far let alone climb all those hills now.  I will have to tame another calf to become my pet cow.

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Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Wow, he is really looking good!