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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My friend the Mustang

Wildairo doesn't fret anymore when the cattle and my Morgan, Foxsun go out in the evening. He has figured out they always come home in the morning, so he doesn't worry. Yesterday I caught him sitting down next to the fence where there were the two baby calves, also sitting down.

I whinny to him and he whinnies back. What I find so interesting about my Mustang is that so many thing's are new to him nothing really surprises him. He must think is normal for humans to whinny and poke whips through the fence to catch him. I have a long whip with a rope on the end. I loop it around his head and pull him to me.


I still enjoy sitting next to his corral in my lawn chair. I was running my hand down his hind legs when I felt something stuck to him so I pulled it off. He raised his hind leg and a warning so I gave him a gentle tap with my fingers and told him "No". He's learned he is not supposed to threaten me but every now and again he forgets a tiny bit. He's a quick learner. He will press his body up against the fence so I can scratch his withers and mane. I can put my arms around his neck. I'm afraid he'll try to get that cosy with me when I go in the pen with him, it wouldn't take much to knock me over in my weakened state. I bought a little riding crop to tap him with if he tries to throw himself into my arms.

My son is home from college now. Although William was there at the adoption, Wildairo really checked him out. I think it's funny how he keeps his eye on new people. My older horse had several strangers visit him over the weekend and he stood there with his eyes closed as they all petted him. He doesn't care who's around him and is as gentle as a lamb.

I am so glad I adopted this Mustang. He is one of the most interesting and intelligent horses I have ever met. And I have known hundreds of horses.

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Linda said...

I've also tapped my filly on the butt when she threatened to kick. If the pole was on her and she kicked out, that was fine--but when she aimed at me on purpose--she got the mean stick. She learned quick, too.