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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Arlene smacks down the Fugly woman blogger.

Hold on to your hats because I'm mad and I'm about to vent.

Most people by now have heard of the infamous woman who writes the much read ‘Fugly Horse’ Blog.

I, for one, have had enough of her whining, complaining and picking on the people who are trying to do the right thing. She looks at photos of girls jumping their horses and picks apart their form till something else distracts her snarling viciousness. October 31st 2008 she decided the Sorraia Horse was too ugly and needed to be exterminated. She posted a picture of these horses in their native country to prove how, according to her, ugly they were. It doesn’t seem to bother her horse is not human breed. I quote the following from Oklahoma State University’s Horse Breed descriptions;

The Sorraia horse has no history as a domestic breed, but is the last remnant of the indigenous wild horse of southern Iberia. It stands around 14 hh. Captured animals have been broken to ride and used for herding the fighting bulls and other livestock. This small horse was the primary ancestor of the famous horses of Andalusia and Lusitania and, both directly and indirectly, ancestor to many horses throughout Europe and the Americas. The Sorraia is found portrayed faithfully in prehistoric cave art, displaying the classic Iberian convex profile, also found in the old-time North African Barb. The Portuguese scientist Ruy D' Andrade, who had discovered them in 1920 in the lowlands of the Portuguese River Sorraia, named these horses "Sorraia".


“The Sorraia is nearly extinct. A few herds are maintained in half a dozen places in Spain and a few places in Germany”.

But the Fugly woman says they have bad shoulders, long backs, short croups and ugly heads and there for don’t deserve to live yet alone be preserved.

Fugly, as she likes to be known, does not approve of the BLM Mustangs being saved by their billionaire benefactors because she would have preferred to have seen them shot one by one in the head. They don’t come any wickeder than Fugly.

Concerning the wonderful thing the Pickens family is doing for the BLM's wild horses, she wrote in her blog today the following;

‘I personally think euthanasia was a good plan (far preferable to handing them out willy-nilly to people who wind up posting stuff on Horsetopia like "we got this BLM mare and now we can't catch her, what do we do?") and my only question is, when is the government going to extend that kindness to all of the tame horses that wind up on double-deckers bound for Canada and Mexico?’

Not making any sense are you woman? The government doesn’t own the ‘tame’ horses, just the BLM horses you dimwit.

She goes rambling on:

‘Really, all this is about is more inability to deal with death. If 30,000 mustangs starve to death on the range in the winter, hey, that's ok because that's nature. Putting them to sleep which takes seconds and doesn't involve suffering, oooooooh nooooooooo, that's eeeeevil’.

What utter ignorant rubbish she writes.

Fugly you ignorant woman; living is about life and killing is to be avoided. (She kind of reminds me of the German SS in WW2). No, the wild horses are not starving. Also the BLM gelds the stallions in their corrals. Do some research before you started writing rubbish to entertain the hundreds if not thousands of people who read your blog.

Fugly at one time may have had some good intentions but now like a vicious out of control dog, attacks everything in sight, good or bad.

Fugly publicly attacks people on a daily basis, but I don’t care if she tries to make a mockery of me and what I believe in because I know I’m a good person and a much better person that she will ever be. So bring it on Fugly, embarrass yourself some more.

I know there are some mustang adopters out there who also believe that killing the wild horses is a kind thing to do. Typical 'I've got mine, screw you', type of thinking. I've read your blogs and I have nothing but contempt for you. You buy into the Republican/cattleman's greed driven rhetoric. Our horses are vermin to them. Thank goodness the Democrats are going to be back in charge and there are good Republicans like Mr. and Mrs. Pickens out there.


Linda said...

The good thing is--she actually has a few reasonable people commenting on her blog. As long as there's dialogue...people can research the facts and come to their own conclusions.

Some people you will NEVER be able to convince about the worth of a Mustang. Usually these are people heavy in the show or game circuits who have a breeding program and want only the "best" out there. If we're all out buying Mustangs and what not--their horses aren't selling for as much. It's $$$$$.

There are many people like me who have the money and time and heart to own horses, and we don't want people telling us what we should own. We trail ride and GUESS WHAT--a Mustang is about the best thing going for that!!!

I agree--making fun of people and bullying for entertainment is sick--but look at all the people she has following her blog. It appears people like it.

I know some people who follow her because they agree with her main point that you should be a "responsible" breeder. I hope they draw the line at endorsing her stance on wild horses.

Linda said...

Does anyone know who she/he is? Seems cowardly to attack people and not use your real name--kind of like hiding behind a big curtain--like the "great" OZ.

arlene said...

From what I gather her first name is Cathy and she lives some where in Washington State.

A long time ago, when I was still in England, I rode (and later boarded my own pony) at stables that had their share of snobby and spiteful girls. They were always trying to tell us what we were doing wrong, how ugly our mounts were and how brilliant their ponies were. (big ponies up to 14.2) Fugly reminds me of them. I remember how I used to get the kids together for some awesome fun rides through the countryside on our ponies and the snobby girls weren't allowed to join us incase their expensive ponies got injured. Ha ha. One day one of the spoiled girls begged her mother to let her join us and her pony turned out to be useless for cross country adventures. I think he bolted and she couldn't control him. I thought of the above when you mentioned the mustang being the best for trail riding.

I, like Fugly, am against breeding horses with behaviour or comformation problems and I think there is far too much breeding going on by people who have no idea what they are doing.
But she has crossed the line with me by going after native rare horses and the mustangs.

To adopt a mustang is a wonderful experience and I hope one day I will be able to trail ride again. I wasn't in the market for another domestic horse and Foxsun would have been the last horse I owned, but I went to the BLM adoption and saw those wild boys that hardly anyone was interested in. (BLM bought 22 horses to Odessa and only 2 got adopted). I think maybe most of the people adopting mustangs do so to have the experience of owning an American legend, and they are so awesome!!! I had no idea what I was missing.

I had to vent because it's the way I've always been. I too have noticed the reasonable people that comment on her blog and that warms the cockles of me ol' heart.

Thanks for commenting. Echo did something today that reminded me of your Beautiful Girl. I'll blog about it tomorrow.

Cheryl Ann said...

I don't like FUGLY and I quit reading her dribble long ago. UNfortunately, she does have quite a following. Hopefully these readers will make up their own minds about the mustang situation. Just remember, several of us have now posted about the mustang rescue plan and Mrs. Pickett is going to do her own thing, no matter WHAT Ms. FUGLY says or thinks! Personally, I'm going to go up and play with my mustangs this weekend.

Linda said...

Her name is Cathy Atkinson--here's a link to a page where she outs herself. Actually, it's a link to the link where she outs herself LOL

Apparently, she rescues horses--makes you wonder--if she has a heart for horses--why are her posts so heartless?

Linda said...

Also, I have never had a horse bred--because I believe what I bring home, I keep for life. If they start to suffer or can't live the normal life of a horse, I'll put them down here on my property with all their buds and bury them here,too. The reason I haven't had one of my mares bred is because I feel if I have a good horse--why take the risk of losing it in childbirth?? Also, there are so many good horses out there needing homes and they're already on the ground.

Kara said...

Go Arlene! I agree completely!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Ooh, I'm getting steamed. I hate that blogger too. I won't read it or even talk about it usually because I don't want to give her any more fame, and I don't want to spread the hate I feel for her.

A lady on one of my forums just stated that she'd rather see the government "sell them to the can" so they can afford the care of the next bunch of mustangs. I told her she's sick, because by selling to the can or adopting to the rich lady, they still make money and get rid of the horses, and the only difference is that of torture ending in death, or life.

People make me sick. I haven't been this mad in a long time. I'm glad I have people like you all, Arlene, Linda, Cheryl and Kara, to make me feel like there is some hope for humankind.

nikki said...

I agree to. I don't see what's so entertaining about associating with mean spirited people- all they do is try to pull others down with them. The first time I went to that site I was apalled by some of the posts and how she picks at the horses.

A rescue, huh? That's shocking.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Arlene - this is NOT, I repeat NOT a Democratic nor a Republican Issue. Its an issue of our mustangs. We are Republicans and I some how resent being sent to the "naughty chair" because of our politics. We LOVE our mustangs and it brings tears to my eyes to think anyone would think otherwise. I have never read that blog, nor do I intend to. People like that are looking for attention and I won't give it to them.

arlene said...

Lea it is about politics. Our family are Democrats. So much so that Brad was the Democratic nominee for Congress 10 years ago (right here in the 5th district). The biggest reason I agreed to go along with his decision to run and spend tens of thousands of our own money was because of my love for animals and the enviroment. Democrats in Congress tend to be more pro wildlife and pro enviroment issues.

What happens to our wild horses depends on how our representatives vote in Congress. BLM is controlled by the Dept of Interior. The Secretary of the Interior is Dirk Kempthorne (wild horse hater and pro-cattlemen) and of course appointed by the current president, Bush.

Here's an example of how our nine congressmen from Washington State voted during the (2005-2006) 109th congress concerning the wild horse and slaughter issues. The three bills up for vote where; The Final Passage of the Horse Slaughter bill, The Horse slaughter amendment bill and The Wild horse Vote.

Brian Baird (Democrat) voted in favor of horses on all three bills.

Norm Dicks (Democrat) voted in favor of the horse on all three bills.

Doc Hastings (Republican) voted against the horse on all three bills.

Jay Inslee (Democrat) voted in favor of the horse on all three bills.

Rick Larsen (Democrat) voted in favor of the horse on two of the bills.

Jim McDermott (Democrat) voted in favor of the horse on only one bill.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Republican, OUR DISTRICT) voted against the horse on all three bills.

Dave Reichert (Republican) voted in favor of the horse on two bills.

Adam Smith (Democrat) voted in favor of the horse on all three bills.

I know you love your mustangs. Remember I've met you and have read your blog. I know how you'd vote if your were in Congress.

I hate the way Democrats in Congress sometimes vote and I let them know how I feel. Having Dirk Kempthorne as secretary of the interior has been like a fox guarding the hen house. I stand by every thing I have said concerning that I believe we are lucky to be finishing up the 8 yr Bush term and we avoided a wild horse blood bath. It was horse lovers such as yourself that stopped that from happening.

Linda said...

Personally, I'm a proud independent. I vote almost equally both ways. I vote my conscience--not party. I hate the two-party system. There are some Republicans I respect and some Democrats. For example, as you stated on this blog--It is Pickens--a Republican--whose money is going to save the Mustangs. My mom was a Republican on City Council and always voted for the people and she has a big heart for animals and now Mustangs. (She was raised a Democrat) So, I know good people on both sides and respect honest people on both sides. I follow the truth wherever it goes. :):) And, it looks like, despite parties, we're all on the same page about Mustangs.

arlene said...

Linda, I understand where your coming from about your mother. Brad used to vote for the person and not the party, but feels, like I do now because the Republican Party was taken over by some people with some more extreme views that are anti-wildlife and the enviroment and the Republicans tend to vote as a block. (it's on the record every time as proof). I do think (and hope) that because of the publics concern for animals and the environment the party is changing back to being more moderate. Case in point; the GOP base was very excited to have Sarah Palin on the ticket, she envigorated McCains campaign. My fellow animal lovers and myself were horrified and scared to death at the thought of her becoming VP or president. The GOP saw nothing wrong with her policies concerning wildlife. They loved her! Polls show she brought down McCains campaign with the general public for many reasons, one of them being her anti-animal views. So I hope the GOP got the message that views like hers will not be tolerated by the majority of the people.

Linda, I'm not saying because a person says they are a Republican they are anti-animal. No! But the people who they vote for can be, and it is they who can do the damage. When Brad ran for congress I saw the nasty underbelly of politics from the otherside and I wish I hadn't. He also ran against Cathy McMorris Rodgers in 1996, our current congresswoman who was then in the state legislation. It was that episode that got me involved in politics. She's a not only anti everything I love but she's a liar as well. Please look at her voting record (I mentioned her anti horse votes above) and you'll see what she is really doing while she represents us in Washington D.C.

Yes, we are all on the same page as far as our love for our mustangs but what good does it do if your voting for someone such as Cathy Mcmorris Rodgers who has NOT got the mustangs best interest at heart. She has voted to kill them and she will continue to be anti-horse because that is how she's always voted.

I feel it's pointless to claim to be an animal lover if you knowingly vote for someone with a proven anti-animal voting record.

Shooting wolves from helicopters, horse slaughter houses, mass killing of mustangs are not decisions that are made by you and me but the people WE put in office.

All the hate radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, who speak with such venom about matters near and dear to me are not liberals by any stretch of the imagination. As a Democrat and a liberal I have never heard a fellow liberal speak like that or even believe in such things.

I have great hope for Obama's administration and will be watching then very closely like we all should.