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Friday, November 21, 2008

I impressed Echo.

This is the face of a Wild Horse when he discovers humans have magical powers.


Tuesday turned magical for Echo. It was a lovely day, sunny, warm (for November) with no wind at all. I'd just been giving Echo a few carrots and telling him his mum, dad, brothers, sisters, all the cousins were all going to be safe from harm now. Then our cat, Andy showed up. Echo couldn't take his eyes off him. So, I called Andy who meowed and joined us in the corral. I bent down and scratched his head which really impressed Echo who stood enchanted and transfixed. I could tell he wanted to meet Andy but was too shy to approach, so I moved away and left Andy alone in the middle of the pen. Echo approached him very carefully, it made me think of Beautiful Girl and her cat, but Andy walked slowly out of the corral. Echo followed but Andy didn't get to be a 13 year old farm cat by taking chances.

Once he was the other side of the fence, Andy flopped down in the sun and Echo peeked at him through the boards. I called Andy and Andy Meowed back. That made Echo turn and look at me in wonder. Suddenly Echo walked up to me and started kissing my face. Very gently he rubbed his top lip over my nose and made it wiggle then he carefully ran his nose all through my hair and very gently touched my clothes. He put his nostril over my nose to feel my breath and it was like he was meeting me for the first time, again. I got out my cell phone out and took the above picture. At one point he started to take my sleeve in his mouth and I said, "No no Sweetie", and he stopped.

Echo didn't know that Andy and I were old friends. He must think I have powers over all creatures and they all come to me when I call and answer me when I talk. It was just a simple encounter but the whole thing made he just love that little horse all the more. He's so sweet and gentle and he's got away of looking me right in the eyes that's incredible.

I'm so glad Mrs Pickens is going to be looking after the captured mustangs. I knew she would be able to do right by them. It costs about 30 million a year for the BLM to keep them in corrals and 30 million can buy a lot of western acres.

I wonder if they will form bands with bossy geldings as the leaders? Wildairo really missed out there. He thought he was pretty bossy till old Foxsun beat him up.

I also wonder if it'll ever be possible to adopt a wild horse again? What will happen to events like the Extreme Mustang makeover? What will the BLM workers at the wild horse corrals do once the pens are empty?

I hope they manage the uncaptured horses better and not keep rounding them up just to rid the west of them. I think thing's will be better now because the public has let it be known (again) they won't tolerate mass murder for these wonderful animals.

If I ruled the world I make it a law that if your going to graze your cattle on public lands, then you have to respect the wild horses. Horses rule!

Edited to add the following:

Please look at the blog I have added to my list, 'American Herds'. (Top of page). There is an interesting video there about the BLM. I'm glad someone else feels like I do as far as trusting the BLM. Please watch it. Don't drink the BLM Koolaide.

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Cheryl Ann said...

Awwww...what a beautiful photo! Sometimes it takes our horses a while to warm up to us! It took Scout about a year. She wanted NOTHING to do with ANY of us! Nice job! I wonder, too, about Scout and Cali's brothers and sisters. Are they still out roaming in Wyoming or are they in corrals somewhere?