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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Adopting a Mustang April 27th 2008.

On April 26th 2008 we went to the BLM wild horse adoption outside of Odessa, Washington. I was interested in maybe adopting a horse to keep my Morgan, 'Apple Pi Foxsun Bay', company in his old age. One look at the 2 year old gelding pen and I was in love.


I sat and studied the darling bay and was very impressed with him. He was best friends with the sorrel and they stayed very close together. The bay had a very kind and gentle face and I've always loved bays.
The wild bunch

The next day I returned and we adopted him.

Here he is being sorted and loaded for me.


I named him Wildairo. (Wild Air O). Here he is a few moments after arriving home getting used to the halter and lead rope.

We were very surprised how calm he was and within a few hours he came up to the fence and nuzzled my hand, later he licked an apple I was eating. Everything got his attention, cars starting up, distant trains, he would lift his head and listen carefully but he showed no fear. His pen is very small and he'll be only be in it till the bigger one is ready for him. He doesn't shy away hardly at all and prefers to stand his ground and check thing's out.

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